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Sketch.Box: Somnath Pal, a sketchbook dedicated to Somnath Pal's art

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AuthorSomnath Pal
PublisherEditions Caurette
Number of pages160
Height (cm)21
Width (cm)14.8
Thickness (cm)2,8
Weight (kg)0,35
LanguageNo text
Release dateApril 2024

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About the Sketch.Box collection

This is the second volume of the Sketch.Box collection, an unprecedented and exclusive project that Caurette and Spiridon Giannakis set up together, working with artists to create a collection of sketch books. Each individual book will showcase the talents of one amazing illustrator. This is a rare opportunity and one that we are extremely pleased to collaborate on! Each book will bring joy to art collectors and connoisseurs.

About the book

Somnath Pal is our second artist that we are thrilled to present in our Sketch.Box collection, and we think you are going to be almighty impressed! Somnath Pal's sketch book is filled with detailed illustrations that are in turn emotionally charged, sensuous, surprising contradictory, and comic. Evident throughout his work is a tributary thread honouring and highlighting the vivid history and everyday circumstance of his native India. He has been fascinated by the works of modern contemporary masters, Claire Wendling, Juan Gimenez, Kim Jung Gi, Katsuhiro Otomo and Terada Katsuya, constantly borrowing inspiration from them, easily appreciated as we eagerly examine each illustration!

About the artist

Somnath Pal draws, writes and works on movies, in addition to teaching drawing. He is a Superani Studio artist and works in animation, character design and story boarding. To Somnath Pal, a sketchbook is a chronicle of the world. It is a way to relish the ideas that cannot be conveyed verbally and to bring a true reflection of the chaos we experience in time. Based in Mumbai, Somnath Pal was equally fascinated by math and art. He built a career in electrical engineering, but later returned to his true calling as an artist, completing a two-year masters program in animation at IDC, IIT Bombay.

A snappy and concise anatomy lesson from Somnath Pal! Enjoy :)

A snappy and concise anatomy lesson from Somnath Pal! Enjoy :)