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  • ALZMANN Christian

    Chrisitan Alzmann
    Illustrator and concept artist. He teaches at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.
  • AMUNDSEN Even Mehl

    Even Mehl Admunsen
    Even Mehl Amundsen is a freelance concept artist from Norway who has worked for studios like Volta, Blizzard, Riot, Wizards of the Coast and many more. Besides that he has been working on his own world shown in TEGN. He travels a lot, teaching what he has learned in workshops and giving advice to newcomers.
  • ANDERSON Allen

    Allen Gustav Anderson was born in 1908 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    He studied correspondence art courses and then worked as a staff artist at Fawcett Publications where he met Carl Buettner, Ralph Carlson, and his lifelong best friend, Norman Saunders.

    He moved to New York City in 1940 and painted covers for pulp magazine published by Ace Magazines, Fiction House, Harry Donenfeld, and Martin Goodman.

  • ANDERSON Harry

    Joseph Harry Anderson (1906 – 1996) was an American illustrator and a member of the Illustrator's Hall of Fame. A devout Seventh-day Adventist artist, he is best known for Christian-themed illustrations. He was also a popular illustrator of short stories in American weekly magazines during the 1930s and early 1940s.

  • AYROLES Alain

    Born in 1968, Alain Ayroles is for sure a rare and precious story writer! Author of series which figure among the best of comic book’s History (Garulfo, De cape et de crocs, D…), he worked with Juanjo Guarnido to create Les Indes Fourbes (and les Editions Caurette are really happy to publish the Artist Edition of this masterpiece!).

    PS : Jean-Christophe Caurette will challenge in a corkscrew duel every single reader who will not idolize Alain Ayroles.

  • BALL Robert
    Robert Ball Robert Ball is a british comic artist, Illustrator and designer. He has worked for: HBO, Disney, ESPN, Sony, Wired and Conde Nast.


    Dino Battaglia (1925 – 1983) first entered the comic book profession in 1946 co-founding and producing work for the Italian magazine Asso di Picche, where he drew some pages of the Junglemen series. Here he worked with other Venetian artists, among them Hugo Pratt and Alberto Ongaro. He was not attached to one character in particular and thus drew a lot of different stories in different styles. The magazine Sgt. Kirk published an adaptation of Moby Dick, a work that marked Battaglia's artistic maturity: his drawings achieved the unique, distinctive style that characterised all his later productions. From then on, Battaglia focused on adaptations rather than on original series: he was particularly interested in classic novelists like Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Stevenson, Maupassant and Hoffmann. His way of writing and his drawing style became a reference for a lot of artists. In 1982 he created his only original series, L'Ispettore Coke (Inspector Coke). Only two album publications were completed before the work was interrupted by Battaglia's unexpected death in 1983.   

  • BAUDOIN Edmond


    Edmond Baudoin was born in 1942 in Nice (France). His drawings are published since the beginning of the 1970’s and are appreciated by both the critics and public.
    He won 3 rewards at the Festival d’Angoulême, including the one for best comic book for Couma acò.
    He was an accountant and became a professional illustrator in 1971. He worked for some comic books reviews such as Pilote and L’Echo des savanes. From 1999 to 2003 he was an Art teacher at the University of Québec in Outaouais. The books he makes are unusual and originals because they are between paintings and comic books.

  • BERTIN François
  • BONNER Paul

    Paul Bonner is an english freelanc Illustrator, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the last 30 years he has worked for some of the biggest names in fantasy gaming: Games Workshop, Mutant Chronicles, Fasa, Riotminds, Rackham and Wizards of the Coast.
  • BOTTARO Luciano

    Luciano Bottaro is an Italian comic artist which began his career in 1949 with an Italian publisher for whom he wrote gags and short stories. 

    In the early '50s, he started a long and successful collaboration with the Italian branch of Disney, the magazine Topolino, thus writing his first Donald story.

  • BOUCQ François
    François Boucq was born in Lille (France) in 1955. As a young adult and with no specific artistic education, he offered to draw caricatures for some magazines such as Le Point and L’Expansion who published them.He made several comic books but he became famous thanks to Les pionniers de l’aventure humaine (1984).

    After having drawn a lot of comic books such as La pédagogie du trottoir, Bouche du diable, the Face de Lune series with Jodorowsky, Les aventures de la Mort et de Lao Tseu or La dérisoire effervescence des comprimé, François Boucq won the Grand Prix de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême in 1998 for his entire work.

  • BOURLAUD Laurent
  • BOVE Lorelay
    Lorelay_Bove.jpg Lorelay Bové was born in Spain and raised in the Principality of Andorra between France and Spain. She moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was 14 years old and is fulfilling a childhood dream of being an artist at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Bové graduated from Cal Arts in 2007, completing an internship at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. She has worked on animation movies such as Wreck it Ralph, The Princess and the Frog, and Big hero 6
  • BROOKS Mark
    Mark Brooks is an american comic book artist, mostly known for his worf for Marvel. Among which : Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate X-men, The Amazing Spiderman and Avenger: The Initiative.
  • BROWN Reynold


    "William Reynold Brown (1917-1991) was a prolific American artist whose career embraced virtually every facet of the illustration field." (illustrated press)

    Reynold Brown (1917 – 1991) was an American realist artist who painted many Hollywood film posters. He was also briefly active as a comics artist.

    He attended Alhambra High School where he met cartoonist Hal Forrest around. Forrest hired Brown to ink (uncredited) Forrest's comic strip Tailspin Tommy.

    Following the war Brown drew numerous advertisements and illustrations for magazines such as Argosy, Popular Science, and Saturday Evening Post.

    Brown taught at the Art Center College of Design where he met Misha Kallis, then an art director at Universal Pictures. Through Kallis, Brown began his film poster work, then did the artwork for dozens of film posters, including: Ben Hur, Spartacus, War of the Zombies and many others.

  • CAMPBELL J. Scott

    Famous American illustrator, J. Scott Campbell is known in the comics world. He is the co-creator of the Danger Girl series. He also contributed to StormWatch and Gen13. His covers are just incredible (see the covers of The Amazing Spider-Man). 

  • CANETE Eric


    The majority of work Eric has done has been for the animation industry. Working on such titles as Aeon Flux, Teen Titans Go and Justice League. Erics currently working on Beware the Batman for Warner Bros.
  • CAPEZZONE Thierry
  • CHEN Mingjue Helen

    Mingjue Helen Chen is an Art Director and Illustrator currently based in Los Angeles. Notable film projects include Frankenweenie, Paperman, Wreck-it Ralph, and Big Hero 6. She has also contributed to several comic book titles including DC’s Gotham Academy, Batgirl, and Marvel’s Sinister Silk.

  • CHIU Bobby

    Bobby’s art career started at the age of two with a box of crayons and his family’s white living room walls. He got his first professional art job at the age of seventeen, designing Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys. Bobby has since won a number of awards for his creative work, including an Emmy. This canadian artist presently works in concept and character design, teaches digital painting online at, publishes art books, and works on other top secret projects that we’re not allowed to talk about.

  • CHRISTIN Pierre
           Pierre Christin needs no introduction. Okay? If you instist… He completed a PhD in Compartive Literature, following studies at the Sorbonne and Sciences Po in Paris. He founded, and then oversaw, the Journalism School of Bordeaux. A regular contributor to Pilote magazine, he has worked with Jacques Tardi, François Boucq and Enki Bilal. In 1967 he created, with long time friend Jean-Claude Mézières, the celebrated Valerian series! He also loves Jazz music. We are exceedingly proud to be working with such a talented author!
  • CORBEN Richard

    Richard Corben (born October 1, 1940) is an American illustrator and comic book artist best known for his comics featured in Heavy Metal magazine. He is the winner of the 2009 Spectrum Grand Master Awardand the 2018 Grand Prix at Angoulême. In 2012 he was elected to the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame.



    Dean Cornwell, known as the "Deen of Illustrators", is one of America greatest artist of the beginning of the 20th century.
  • COVERLY Dave
    Dave Coverly is from Michigan. Very popular on the Internet, his drawings are widely distributed. But until now, his work had never been translated into French! These drawings are daily published in more than 400 newspapers including the Washington Post, the Globe & Mail, the Chicago Tribune and the New Yorker. In 2009, he received the Reuben Award for Best Comic Drawing.
    If you want to know more about Dave Coverly, feel free to visit his website:
  • CUTLER Laurence

    Laurence Cutler is an American architect, urban designer, historic property developer, author and museum founder. Along with his wife, Judy Goffman Cutler, he is co-founder of the National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI) at Vernon Court, the first national museum devoted exclusively to illustration art.


    Cromwell is a troublemaker. Son of a Foreign Legion officer, he was forbidden to read comics. He succeeded in not following his father steps and went to the prestigious Gobelins School. There, he discovers animation and makes knew friends including Riff Reb's with whom he will found the Atelier Azylum. His subversive style brought him to the top of the French comic artists and illustrator.
  • DAHMANI Samir
  • DAO Zao

    Born in the 1990’s in the Guangdong (south of China), Zao Dao is one of the youngest Chinese avant-garde artist.

    Illustrator virtuoso, her talent as a watercolourist is already well-known in China.

    She began to publish her drawings on the internet in 2011. She has a very original style mixing some elements of traditional Chinese paintings with a graphic modernity.

    Under her paintbrush, the characters that she brings to life can give the impression of a rebel and marginal teenager but her search for freedom remains her first token of creativity.

  • DELITTE Jean-Yves
  • DELVAL Julien
    Julien Delval was born in 1972. After studying fine art, he began as an illustrator for role-playing company Multisim. Connections he made at the firm led to the realization of numerous bookcovers for different publishing houses. Today, after stint in comics, he continues to work in the gaming sector, mainly with Days of Wonder, and spends time on personal work, which is supported by the Daniel Maghen Gallery. He produces scenes from ancient worlds, mythology and fantasy inspired by classical painting and imagery of the 20th century.
  • DERIB Claude

    Since the age of eleven, Claude De Ribaupierre (Derib) has drawn the human body and its skeleton structure. Therefore, he was soon familiar with the human anatomy. After having a job as a horseback riding instructor, Derib went to Brussels to start a career in comics. He got a job at Studio Peyo, where he worked on several stories with 'Les Schtroumpfs' ('The Smurfs'), that were published in Spirou. He also produced some 'Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul', as well as his first realistic series, 'Arnoud de Casteloup' (1966).

    In 1967, he teamed up with Maurice Rosy to start the series about the talking dog 'Attila' in Spirou. That same year, he created the joking owl 'Pyhagore' with Job in Le Crapaud à Lunettes. For that same magazine, Derib and Job also created the little Indian 'Yakari', Derib's first hit series. From 1978, 'Yakari' appeared in Tintin. Derib had joined that magazine in 1970, when he began making western comics written by Michel Greg, such as 'Go West'. Derib subsequently created the famous 'Buddy Longway' series on his own in 1972, which he continued until 1987, and then restarted in 2002. 'Buddy Longway' was unique when it first appeared. Derib let his hero age, and have emotions, doubts and flaws, which was unusual at the time in European comics.

    In addition to Tintin, Derib collaborated on Achille Tallon magazine, where he drew 'Les Ahlalàààs' (text by Greg). In 1981 appeared 'Celui-qui-est-né-deux-fois' ('He who was born twice'), a western that can be considered Derib's masterpiece.

    In the 1980s, Derib began making more substantial and socially-motivated comics. In 1981, he created 'Jo', the first comic book on AIDS ever published.

    Best known for his humanistic comics and his several western projects, Derib stands as one of the major artists of European comics.

  • DESOTO Rafael
    Rafael de Soto was born in 1904 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Eleven-year-old Rafael was sent to St. Joseph's Seminary in San Juan, where he was trained to be a priest. His natural artistic talent was noticed by Father Noel, who sent Rafael to private art lessons with a local artist. Rafeal finally decided to become an artist rather than go to Rome to complete his religious training: "I liked girls too much!". In 1923, at age nineteen, he moved to New York City where he began his carrer: he worked for several pulps and men’s adventure magazines and also drew covers.

    In 1964 De Soto retired from freelance illustration and began teaching art at university.

    He died of pneumonia in a Long Island hospital at age 88, in 1992.

  • DESPRETZ Sylvain

    Sylvain Despretz is an independent writer-director who has long worked in the United-States and in Europe as a storyboard artist and illustrator. His formative years were spent under the tutelage of the late-great renowned artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud.

    While based in Hollywood, he has drawn storyboards for filmmaker David Fincher on Madonna's music videos such as 'Like a Prayer', and has also worked with pop star Michael Jackson on concepts leading up to the release of his album 'Dangerous'.

    In the '90s, Sylvain was hired by filmmaker Ridley Scott, and, for the ensuing decade, contributed to the development of his full-length feature films and commercials. Across two decades, Sylvain's name has appeared in the credits of celebrated films such as Planet of the Apes, Gladiator, Harry Potter, The Fountain, and The Fifth Element.

    He lives between Los Angeles, London and Paris.

  • DETHAN Isabelle
  • Disney

    This section is dedicated to bringing together the different works from the Walt Disney universe. 

  • EJSING Jesper

    Jesper Ejsing
    Jesper Ejsing is a freelance Danish artist. He lives in Copenhaguen, and has work, among other, for companies such as Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering), Fantasy Flight Games, etc...
  • ESTEVES Luis


    Luis Esteves is a concept artist hailing from Manila, Philippines. Since a young age, he held a powerful fascination for creatures, miniatures and video games.
  • FERLUT Nathalie
  • FERNÁNDEZ Enrique


    Enrique Fernandez is a spanish comics author and illustrator.


  • FLEURY Jérémie
    Jérémie Fleury

    Jérémie Fleury is a versatile illustrator, who graduated the  illustration school Emile Cohl from Lyon. Graduated in 2010, he starts to carry out his gift as a concept artist and as a 3D graphic designer for video game studios like Ubisoft. He has drawn his first children's book in 2012 by adapting Bram Stoker's  "Dracula". Since, Jérémie works full-time as an illustrator for children's book and board games for several publishing houses or game studios like Flammarion, Nathan, Bayard, Auzou, Days of Wonder, Bombyx, Ravensburger…

  • FOURNIER Xavier

    Xavier Fournier is a French writer, journalist and lecturer specialized in the comics universe; he has been writing articles on that subject since 1993. After his débuts in USA Magazine, he contributed to the comics specialized magazine Comic Box and has already published four books until now: Super-Héros : Une histoire française, Super-Héros Français : l’Anthologie, Super-Héros l’Envers du costume and Comics en guerre. He has no secret identity but he is the one we call when we need help about this subject.

  • FOWKES Nathan

    Concept artist for animation and entertainment projects. Teacher of drawing, painting, color and design. Notable clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney.

  • FREZZATO Massimiliano

    Massimiliano Frezzato was born in Torino in 1967. He began to draw at an early age and had his first work published when he was 17. He worked for the advertisement industry for some years but came back to its first love, comics, in 1995 when he began to work on the "Gardiens du Maser", a saga that would keep him busy for more than 10 years!
  • GAPAILLARD Laurent

    Born in 1980, Laurent Gapaillard is a former student of Penninghen, School of art direction and interior architecture and also of the Ecole du Louvre. Illustrator and visual designer, he worked on many feature films, animated television series and video games. He's represented by the gallery Daniel Maghen.

  • GARDOS Janos

    Senior Concept Artist for Pixoloid Studios. Started his career at Digital Reality as a concept artist working on the game classic Imperium Galactica amongst many other pitch and development projects of the company. After that he moved towards the fast growing mobile market and joined Pixel Perfect Games as a senior concept artist and illustrator. Beside his studio works he also created illustrations for various rpg titles as a freelance artist. He joined Pixoloid in 2018 and is responsible for key environment and set designs for films and detailed key illustrations for game projects.
  • GAULME Armel


    Born in 1981, Armel Gaulme graduated from Penninghen/Académie Julian (Paris), where he is now teaching classic drawing and perspective. Alan Lee, John Howe and European illustrators from the 1900 were is source of inspiration. As a professional, he realised different books for children with the Adam Biro/ Le baron Perché, then with other publishing houses (Casterman, Bayard...) before he got interested in video games / animation / advertisement media. He makes many preproduction rawing and matte paintings. He is also working in different artschools and in his own studio. In 2014, he left the digital technique to draw and paint watercolors to illustrate the Rudyard Kipling's short story "The Man Who Would Be King". His next project: an anthology of several short stories written by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • GEORGI Edwin

    Edwin Georgi was a mid-century magazine and advertising illustrator (Saturday Evening Post, Redbook) who was renown for his beautiful women (and stylish men) and his unique and spectacular color sense.

  • GLINES Shane

    Shane Glines is an illustrator, animator, and character designer. He is the founder of CartoonRetro and currently serves as its president.

  • GOFFMAN Judy

    The National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI) was founded in 1998 by Judy Goffman Cutler and Laurence S. Cutler to house their art collection from the "Golden Age of American Illustration".

    Following graduation from the University of Pennsylvania with dual degrees in Fine Arts and American Civilization, Judy began her career as an art dealer/collector by recognizing early on the value of American illustration as an important part of its national heritage.

  • GOMBOS Gaspar
    Gaspar Gombos

    Co-founder and Art Director of Pixoloid Studios. He is creating concepts, storyboards and illustrations for various clients for 12+ years. Beside his broad experience in the advertising industry as an art director at leading international agencies, he is teaching visual communication at a Budapest based design university. He is responsible for creating key art, environment / set /prop designs in case of film and animation productions and leading the design process of advertising projects. His previous clients includes Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Saatchi&Saatchi, Brownbag Films, Vodafone, Team Red, Pioneer Productions. .
  • GRAFFET Didier

    Born in 1970, Didier Graffet is graduated from École Émile Cohl in Lyon. He started out as an independent illustrator in the world of role playing before producing covers of fantasy works. In 2001, he illustrated Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea novel, published by the Editions Gründ, and was awarded by the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire and a Jules Verne Award. He joined the Jules Verne studio for which he created several festival posters and took over the artistic direction of the documentary film Passage to Mars.

    Many exhibitions of his works were putting on in museums and galleries.

  • GUARNIDO Juanjo
  • HAN Peter


    Peter HAN is Concept Designer and Teacher as well as an acclaimed SuperAni artist.

    Don't hesitate to check out his work on social medias:


    Patrick Hanenberger is a designer and concept artist. Born in Australia, raised in Germany, he now lives in the United States.

  • HEINRICH Christian

    Christian Heinrich is an artist that we no longer present. His paintbrushes and his gift for writing relate us his travels and his search of “what’s waiting under the drawing”. For him, “Du vent dans les pinceaux” is a very personal project which matures since 10 years and has been long-awaited by his friends, his former students, the sketches lovers and maybe by each and every person who would love to travel.



    Eric Hérenguel is a self-taught French illustrator. He began his career by drawing short stories of J-P Croquet in the "Tintin" magazine. He worked for all major French publishing houses such as Glénat, Vents d'Ouest, Delcourt and Soleil. His latest works are Kiliwatch and Kong Crew published by Caurette Editions.
  • HOEKSTRA Redmer

    Redmer Hoekstra

    Redmer Hoekstra (1982) graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle as a visual artist and illustrator in 2009. “I’ve always loved alienation and fantasizing, daydreaming. As a child I had all kinds of theories about how the world worked. At the Academy I was able to rediscover this and process this in to my work. How things work is a fascination of mine and in many drawings you can find this. I open up appliances and objects and freely change what is inside. Often a subject gets a completely different feeling or meaning. I play with form, meaning and function, while new combinations arise. Often surprising, strange and funny but also with a strange kind of logic, a fantastic and surreal world."

  • IKEDA Akihito

    Akihito is a Japanese artist specialized on make-up and FX. You can check out his work in his book Heart of Art.

  • JANS Michel

    After having published several dark stories and illustrations in fanzines and magazines in the 80’s, Michel Jans founded in 1990 the Mosquito Editions with Jean-François Douvry. He published his first book Avant le Crépuscule and started a collection of monographs dedicated to great authors.
    In 1944, he published
    Tranche de savoir vivre, a howlers-anthology inspired by the “manners” famous handbooks of the beginning of the century (illustrated by Franck Margerin).
    Then Jans made Chroniques Romaines in 1966 and from this moment he went on creating comic books and started to translate works by Toppi, Battaglia, Micheluzzi and Zezelj for his publishing house.

  • JONES Anthony

    Anthony Jones is the owner and creator of, an educational platform for those wanting to break into the industry of becoming a concept artist.

  • JONES Jeffrey


    Jeffrey Catherine Jones (a transgender woman born in 1944 and deceased in 2011) is an American artist. Her style and the way she used colors is often compared to Franck Frazetta's. She is famous for her sci-fi and fantasy novels and comics's covers.

    Josepe is a french comic artist, also founder of the Belloloco Editions

    Loic Jouannigot

    Born in Brittany in 1953 and graduated by the School of Arts, Loïc Jouannigot begins his career as freelance artist in Rennes (France), making in particular posters and working for children magazines. From 1987, he became known more widely as an illustrator of children's literature, with the beginning of a long series of publications on "La famille Passiflore" ("the Passiflore family") with the text of Geneviève Huriet.

  • KALVACHEV Viktor

    Kalvachev was born in Bulgaria in 1972 and moved to the US in his 20s to begin a career in the entertainment industry. He has worked for movies such as Spiderman or The Incredibles. His career has allowed him to work everywhere in the world, including on the sets of Disney, Pixar, or Steven Spielberg.

  • KATSUYA Terada


    Terada Katsuya is a japanese mangaka, illustrator, and character designer. He can do anything ! He is famous for his work on Blood: The Last Vampire, Iron Man and Hellboy. He also worked on The Legend of Zelda and Tekken.

    He is a very prolific artist and has published several (dense !) sketchbooks.

    For more info, please check his Wikipedia Page.


    J.B Kaufman is an american historian and author. He has written extensively about Walt Disney animation history, American silent film, and other topics.

    Member of the Walt Disney Family Foundation, he is the writer of South of the boarder with Disney and co-writer (with Russel Merritt) of Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney.

  • KEANE Claire

    Claire Keane (born March 1, 1979) is an illustrator and visual development artist who contributed to the Disney films EnchantedTangledWreck-It Ralph and Frozen

  • KEENE Lisa

    For over 25 years, Lisa Keene’s work has appeared on the big screen around the world. Contributing as a visual development artist and background supervisor for such films as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Enchanted, Princess and the Frog and Tangled.

  • KIM Dong Ho

    Kim DongHo

    KIM Dong Ho is a young Korean artist, part of the SuperAni team (a publishing house and a team founded by KIM Hyun Jin and KIM Jung Gi). His first sketchbook is really exciting !
  • KIM Jung Gi


    KIM Jung Gi – let’s clear things out right away: KIM is his family name  – is a Korean artist born in 1975, in Goyang-Si, which is situated in the province of Kyongki-Do (South Korea). He was 19 when he entered the Fine Arts School, where he majored in “Art & Design”. He studied 3 years at Dong-Eui university in Busan, on the South East coast of Korea. This school is famous for its technical courses, but the 23 000 students that studied alongside him may also have provided good material to feed his inspiration! Like every man in Korea, he served in the army for over 2 years. He was in the Special Forces, which allowed him to memorize an amazing number of vehicles and weapons.

    Funny Funny, KIM Jung Gi’s first publication, was published in the magazine Young Jump. Several short stories and a few exhibitions later, KIM Jung Gi –or KJG for short– started to teach manwha (Korean comic book) in universities and private schools.

    Between 2008 and 2010, he drew the 6 volumes of TLT, Tiger the Long Tail, which was written by Seung-Jin PARK. This story first existed as a ‘webtoon’ – an online comic, which explains the unusual composition of the pages. TLT was later published in printed form by CNC Revolution. KIM Jung Gi went on to illustrate 2 novels written by the French author Bernard WERBER : “Paradise” (in 2010) and “Third Humanity” (2013).

    The work for which KJG is now world-famous are his sketchbooks, of which he has published 6, which came out in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018 respectively. These, when gathered together, contain nearly 3500 pages full of drawings. In 2017, he also united his astonishing talent with the world renowned Japanese artist, KATSUYA Terada, publishing a spectacular sketchbook that shows off their mutual giant talents.

    He has twice collaborated with the famous French comic writer, Jean-David Morvan; once for SpyGames, (published in 2014 by les Editions Glénat) and most recently illustrating McCurry, NYC, 9/11, published in 2016 by les Editions Dupuis for the French version, and by Caurette Editions for the English version. McCurry, NYC, 9/11,  is the first published biography of  the world famous photographer and journalist  Steve McCURRY –  his work includes the now iconic National Geographic cover of the Afghan Girl with the captivating green eyes – as he witnessed the  unforgettable scenes of 9/11 unfold before him.
    He has also worked with several video game companies and collaborated on various comics in the USA (Flash, Civil War II …) or Europe (Kiliwatch, Caurette Editions) as cover artist.

    KJG has displayed his work in many countries, galleries (Maghen in Paris, Scott Eder in New York, Murakami Takashi’s ‘GEISEI x infinity in Japan…) and museums (Penang, Malaysia). He is in the Guinness World Records, in the Illustration category under “Longest drawing by an individual”, a record he broke doing Fisheye art!

    Nowadays, when he isn’t managing AniChanga, his drawing school in Seoul, or working for Korean advertising companies, he travels around the world for comic festivals, live drawing shows, to meet his fans and find inspiration!

  • KIM Jisu


    Ji Su Kim, also known as Miss Jisu, was born in South Korea’s Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
    She has majored in Comic Art and is currently working as an illustrator portraying women’s beauty.

     JiSu Kim is known among her fellow artists for her precise and detailed artwork; her knowledge of the human anatomy combines elegance and style to offer us wonderful expressions and interpretations of the female shapes.

  • KONSTAD Alex

    He has worked for clients such as Blizzard Entertainment,  Games, Reelfx, Psyop FX, Games Workshop, SpinMaster Toys, and Sony Online Entertainment and is currently working for Netflix.



    Born and raised in Nottingham, Karl Kopinski has been working in the illustration industry since 1997. Largely self taught, using both traditional and digital media, he has worked with a great variety of clients including Peter Jackson, Sir Paul Smith, Hasbro, Ubisoft, Aboud Creative, Sixmorevodka, Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop to name but a few.

    Keen portraitist, he has undertaken commisssions for numerous clients, including a portrait of Sir Paul Smith which was featured in his recent book "Hello my name is Paul Smith".

  • KOVACS Reka

    Reka Kovacs
    Production Assistant for Pixoloid Studios. As a community addict, she started volunteering at various international creative and design festivals. She worked as community assistant for the Oatley Academy and a social media assistant for Kevin Francis. She is responsible for the studio’s social media platforms, keeping in touch with the creative community and building online campaigns. She helps creating promotional materials and keeps the studios ongoing projects run smoothly.
  • LACOSTE Raphaël
    Raphaël Lacoste

    Raphaël Lacoste a french art director and illustrator, born in Paris, in 1974. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux and attended the school of the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image, in Angoulême, to learn 3D animation. 3D. Following his studies in animation, Raphaël Lacoste joined the video game company  Kalisto, as an environment artist. A few years later, he take the opportunity to become an art director at Ubisoft Montréal for the game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He won a Visual Effects Society Award in 2006,for his work on cut-scenes from the game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. As he wanted to discover the film industry, Raphaël joined the RodeoFX company in Montréal to work as a matte painter and senior concept artist on feature films such as Terminator: Salvation, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Jupiter Ascending. Today, we can even see his name written in the Ubisoft Company, as Franchise Art Director of Assasin's Creed

  • LAMBERT Pierre

    Pierre Lambert teaches history and techniques of animation at the Ecole Georges Méliès at Orly..
  • LANDERMAN Daniel

    Daniel Landerman about himself

    "I have always had a love for sketches. I’d be lying if I said some of that didn’t stem from impatience, but it’s also the freshness of the marks and the artist’s hand that is so evident in the choices. What to show, what to hide and what to imply just enough to let the viewer’s imagination find its own path. That’s what has always fascinated me. Even with artists whose finished work I love, I make an effort to seek out their sketches and doodles. Insights into how they solve problems and build worlds. [...] And so I hope you enjoy the little journeys and the epic adventures penciled and inked and painted within this collection. And I hope they might inspire you to seek adventures of your own."

  • LARTIGUE Hubert (de)

    Hubert de Lartigue is a french illustrator and hyperrealist painter.
  • LE Khang

    Khang Le is an Emmy Award winning Art Director based in Los Angeles. He specializes visual development as well as all design aspects of animation such as backgrounds, characters, props, and effects.
  • LEE Brittney

    Brittney Lee is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. She has worked on Frozen and Wreck It Ralph, and is also known for her paper sculpture illustrations.

  • LEPAGE Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Lepage was born in 1966 in Saint-Brieuc. At the age of 13, he met the artist Jean-Claude Fournier who had a huge impact on his life. Spirou’s cartoonist teached him drawing’s basics and gave him a lot of advices. In 1983, he drew his first published drawing for the newspaper Ouest France, then with the Rennes’s libraries’s help he published, at the author’s expense, his first comic book entitled La Fin du monde aura-t-elle lieu?. From 1984, he has made a plenty of illustrations for reviews and magazines in Brittany.

    After a lot of comic books, he began in 2003 what is still considered as his masterpiece: the diptych Muchacho in the Aire Libre collection. He signed an outstandingly sensitive and committed oeuvre. The press was unanimous and it has been awarded by many prizes.

    Lepage’s thin and powerful line, his refined drawing and his wonderful watercolour art made him one of the most talented creator of the French comic book. His works has been translated in numerous European countries as well as in the United-States.

    He has made, with his girlfriend the writer Sophie Michel, a diptych entitled Oh les filles! which has been published in 2008 by Futuropolis.


    Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 – 1951) was a German-American illustrator. He is considered to be one of the preeminent American painters of the early 20th century. He is best known for his poster, book and advertising illustrations, the trade character known as The Arrow Collar Man, and his numerous covers for The Saturday Evening Post. Between 1896 and 1950, Leyendecker painted more than 400 magazine covers.

  • LIEPKE Malcolm T.


    Malcom T. Liepke (born in 1953) is an American artist known for his emphasis on figurative artworks. His paintings and drawings have been on the covers ot TimeNewsweek and Forbes and they are now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution and the Brooklyn Museum. Liepke studied artists such as John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, Toulouse-Lautrex, Velazquez and Edouard Vuillard. 
  • LILLY Eliott

    Eliott J. Lilly is a highly sought after concept artist with almost a decade of experience in the video game industry. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

  • LOVELL Tom

    Tom Lovell (1909 – 1997) was an American illustrator and painter. He was a creator of pulp fiction magazine covers and illustrations, and of visual art of the American West. He produced illustrations for National Geographic magazine and many others, and painted historical Western subjects such as interactions between Indians and white settlers and traders. He was inducted into the Society of Illustrators' Hall of Fame in 1974.

  • M. Julie

    Julie M.

    Julie M. is a French artist and co-founder of the  Belloloco publishing house. Her main work is the series, which is both funny and captivating.
  • MACEY Stuart

    Author of H-Point, Stuart Macey is a Transportation Design professor at the Art Center in Pasadena, California.

  • MADSEN P. et KURE H.

    Peter Madsen
    Peter Madsen is an award-winning Danish cartoonist, illustrator, and author. He worked with Henning Kure, who wrote the scenario, on the comic book series Valhalla.
  • MALLIÉ Vincent

    Even Mehl Admunsen
    Vincent Mallié is a French comic artist known for Hong Kong Triad, L’Arche, Les Aquanautes, Avant la Quête et Le Grand Mort (the 8th volumewas published in 2019).
  • MANN Jeremy

    Living in the San Francisco area, Jeremy Mann (born 1979) paints the urban landscapes of his everyday life as well as the people and objects around him. Whether through oil painting, drawing or photography, a mysterious atmosphere emerges from his work, exhibited and awarded on countless occasions.

  • MAR Andrew

    Andrew MAR is an american illustrator and concept artist from Dallas who created a lot of fantasy illustrations. You can follow his work on his own website or on his Instagram.

  • MARCH Guillem
    Guillem March is a spanish comics illustrator. He has worked for Paquet, Dupuis and DC Comics.
  • MARKOV Dmitry


    Dmitry Markov, photographer, social worker, journalist. Worked as a volunteer in a boarding school for mentally retarded children, as well as a tutor in the children's village Fedkovo. The owner of the Grand Prix "Silver Camera" and PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards, as well as Getty Images Instagram Grant.

    Facebook Instagram

  • MARTIN James

    James Martin earned his B.F.A. in illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Upon graduation, he worked for the comic legend Neal Adams as a storyboard and movie poster sketch artist. This culminated in a collaboration on a series of covers and illustrations with the artist. A freelance career in L.A.'s film and advertising industry followed. Some of his clients included: Lorne Michaels, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, the Grammy Awards, Mattel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Disney Magazine, Lightstorm Entertainment, Marvel Comics and directors James Cameron and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, for which he did commissions. For over 20 years he has worked as a background painter, visual development artist, texture and matte painter for Walt Disney Feature Animation and DreamWorks Animation, on films such as: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Treasure Planet, Over the Hedge, Shrek Forever After, Puss in Boots and How to Train Your Dragon I and II.

    Throughout his career, James Martin has maintained his commitment to teaching and working on his own art. He is an artist member of the California Art Club, has exhibited at the Springville Art Museum, the Salmagundi Club, the Santa Paula Art Museum, and has also participated in a three-man show at the Morris Graves Art Museum.

    He has taught at the Art Center College of Design, California State University Long Beach, Concept Design Academy, Laguna College of Art and Design and Associates in Art, and has also written a graduate-level course on the history of visual development for the Academy of Art University. Additionally, he has conducted painting and drawing workshops for the artists at DreamWorks Animation.

    He is currently a faculty member in the illustration department at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

  • MARTIN Oscar
    Oscar Martin is a Spanish comic artist. He is famous for having drawn and written Tom and Jerry for about 20 years.
  • MARTINIERE Stephan

    Stephan Martiniere (born May 3, 1962) is a French science fiction and fantasy artist as well as cartoonist, concept illustrator and art director.

  • MARZEC Dominik L.


    Dominik L. Marzec has written Our friend Satan.

    Ralph Angus McQuarrie (1929 – 2012) was an American conceptual designer and illustrator. His career included work on the original Star Wars trilogy, the original Battlestar Galactica television series, the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and the film Cocoon, for which he won an Academy Award.

    Marteu-Mestre "Spanish born Marcos Mateu Mestre is a visual concept, traditional animation layout, and graphic novel artist whose film credits include titles such as ‘Balto’, ‘The Prince of Egypt’, ‘Asterix and the Vikings’ amongst others. With an extensive experience of twenty years in feature animation, working mainly for Dreamworks and Sony Pictures, he has also been teaching drawing, illustration and visual storytelling techniques for twelve years." - designstudio press
  • MAZILLE Capucine

    Born in the Netherlands, Capucine Mazille started a brilliant career in France as an illustrator. Her work is now published and exhibited all around the world.

    She could have followed the path of illustration, but she met one day a particular mosquito…

    He convinced her to start doing cartoon…And so she did!

    Books published by Mosquito Editions: Le Château invisible, Le Secret de l’alchimiste, Alphabet des Monstres, L’Odeur de l’or, La Cachette des fées.

  • METZGER David

    Senior Concept Artist for Pixoloid Studios. After working mainly in the games industry as a freelance designer and as an in-house artist at Pocket Scientists on mobile titles, he joined the studio as the first hired artist in early 2016. Since then he has grown a lot as an artist and also introduced alternative processes into the studio’s workflow. He is responsible for handling game illustrations and focusing on vehicle, prop and character and costume designs on film projects.

    Meseldzija "Petar Meseldzija is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest artists in the field of contemporary fantastic art. His style resembles artists like Rembrandt, Frank Frazetta & Alan Lee. He has come a long and interesting way from drawing comic books like Tarzan to the fully dedicated painter he is today."
  • MEYNET Félix


    French illustrator, Félix Meynet has published over twenty books.
  • MÉZIÈRES Jean-Claude

    Jean-Claude Mézières is the creator, along with Pierre Christin, of the celebrated Valerian and Laureline series. In 1984, he received the Grand Prix at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. In 1987, he co-directed Lady Polaris with Pierre Christin and some years later worked with Jean-Luc Besson on The Fifth Element. Mézières is a pioneer of the 9th art, a man of vision and imagination, it is a great honor to be working with him!

  • MIG
  • MING Lu

    Born in Mongolia in1982, Lu Ming followed a classic painting formation and is comfortable with every technique.

    He spent 2 years on his first book, Mélodie d’Enfer, and is currently working on several other projects.

    This is the first Lu Ming’s book to be published in Europe.

    He comes from a military family and his first book has been published when he was only 17. Then, he began to work regularly for publishers in Hong Kong and in Japan. Fascinated by the Central Asia’s wild steppes, he spend most of his time riding horses with his Mongolian friends in the north of China.

  • MOLNAR Mark
    Mark Molnar Mark Molnar is a concept artist and illustrator specialised on visual development and pre-production design for the entertainment industri. He already worked for LucasFilm, Weta Workshop, Universal, Games Workshop, Applibot, Fantasy Flight Games, Leo Burnett... To name a few !
  • MONGE Jean-Baptiste
    Monge French illustrator, author, painter since 1994, creating his own illustrating stories in books, Jean-Baptiste Monge, who lives now in Montréal Canada, is nowadays Character Designer and Visual Development Artist for CG animations and movies.
  • Thomas 'Tomm' Moore

    Thomas "Tomm" Moore (born in1977) is an Irish filmmaker, animator, illustrator and comics artist. He is co-founder of Cartoon Saloon, an animation studio and production company based in Kilkenny, Ireland. His first two feature films, The Secret of Kells (2009), and Song of the Sea (2014), have received critical acclaim and were both nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

  • Jean-David Morvan

    Jean-David Morvan has been a professional scriptwriter since 1993, the year he published his first comic with the editions Zenda. Since then, he has published almost 250 of them. His specialty is his curiosity, he travels as much as he can in order to find new talents all over the world. Besides the comics he published in France - often translated in other languages, such as Sillage, available in 16 languages - he also worked for Marvel for one of the Wolverine episodes: Saudade. He lived in Tokyo where he wrote mangas for several Japanese publishing houses. He is currently the "comics manager" of Superani, publishing house of the famous Korean illustrator, KiIM Jung Gi, with whom he realized SpyGames.

  • NEMIRI Nicolas
    Nicolas Nemiri is a French artist, born in 1975 in Mulhouse. After having studied at the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (EESI), in Angoulême, he was introduced to the French public through comics published at Glénat (Je suis morte) and Delcourt (Hyper l’Hippo, Annie Zoo and Kuro Kuma), all written by Jean-David Morvan. Nowadays, he works in China, as a cinema concept artist.

    Laurie Norton Moffatt was majoring in art history at Connecticut College in 1977 when she did a summer internship at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. She didn't know much about one of America's most iconic illustrators back then. In 1986, and now a big fan of the painter, Norton Moffatt became the director and CEO of the Rockwell Museum.

  • OBURIE Etienne
  • OH Woo Jin


    WooJin Oh was born on Jeju Island, South Korea, in 1971 and is an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Visual Design in Seoul’s Kookmin University.

    When he is not teaching, he works in the game development industry (Naver Line, NSsoft, XLgames, Wemade Entertainment and Netease to name a few) as Art Director, Producer and Chief Development Officer. He has also worked as a creature concept artist for the movie “The Host” (2006, directed by Joon-Ho Park) and has participated in various contemporary art exhibitions in Asia, including the Gwangju Biennale (2017). His talent and vision have been recognized internationally, several times being the recipient of the Excellence Award and one Grand Award in the Asia Digital Art Competition.

  • OLO Hans
    Hans Olo Hans Olo (no, that's not his real name, in truth it's Han Soo KIM, but it's less classy !) is an artist from korean origins , borned and raised in Los Angeles. He has been working with Kim Jung Gi and the SuperAni studio for a few years now and... he's a great artist !!
  • OTTLEY Ryan
    Ottley Ryan Ottley is an american comic illustrator, mostly knows for his work on Invicible - a Image's Comic superhero, written by Robert Kirkman.
  • PARK Jae Cheol
    Park Jae Cheol Park Jae Cheol, also known as PaperBlue, is a South korean concept artist. He has created environment concept paintings for popular movies and games, including Lineage, Sun, The Day, Aion, and Blade & Soul, among many others
  • PARK Jae Kwang
    Park Jae Kwang Park Jae Kwang is studying drawing with Kim Jung Gi, and he is also a virtuose!
  • PARK Pyeong Jun
    Park Pyeong Jun With a major in Visual Art, Pyeongjun Park has worked as a concept artist for major feature film companies and as a freelance illustrator. Using mainly digital tools, he has also worked as a cover artist for Marvel and teaches CG Illustration in Seoul.
  • PIERCE Shane
    Pierce Shane Pierce was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He's been a professional artist working for major entertainment companies for over 20 years. From Creator owned to Conceptual art to Illustration to Gallery work. His work has appeared in four Spectrum annuals. Clients include Harley-Davidson, Sony Entertainment, Electronic Arts, IDW, Titan, DC, Wildstorm, Epic Games.
  • PILLOT Frédéric

    Born in 1967, Frédéric Pillot is graduated by the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg (HEAR). He began his career with historic and comic books, before devoting himself to the illustration of children's literature.
  • PIRARO Dan
    Dan Piraro lives from Missouri. Published daily in many American newspapers, his drawings are also a great success on the Internet. He won repeatedly the Reuben Award Cartoonist Award, as well as a multitude of other prestigious awards. Come discover his wacky and offbeat universe!
    If you want to know more about Dan Piraro, here's his website:
  • PRESING Bill

    BillPresing is an american illustrator and comics story-boarder, who is also confortable with the world of animated movies. Well known for his curvy pin-ups and his comic character Rex Steele, Nazi Smasher, he has also worked for the Pixar Studios on several projects such as The Incredibles, Ratatouille and the amazing Up.

  • Q-HA

    Q-Ha is a Corean artist, he was born in 1976 in Busan.

    He has studied cartoon and Western painting at university and got a PhD in animated movie in 2014.

    He is also famous for his works in the field of comics: he began in 2014 by making the scenario and drawings of Le maître Koza (Comicstory).

    Lately he has been joining the French publishing house Glénat and participated to the comic series about famous battleships with the book No Ryang.

    He has also teaching at several universities of South Corea (including Busan University where he is still working!).

  • QUILES Luis
    Quiles Luis Quiles is a Spanish artist who creates controversial illustrations about the ugly side of society.

    Writer and producer Jody Revenson has a diploma in creative writing (scenario) from the University of New York (1982-1984) and has been formed in different movie studios of Hollywood, California from 1984 to 1994.

    She is a freelance proofreader for publishing houses including Harper Collins since 2009, and Random House since 2010.

    Freelance writer for Insight Editions since 2012, she published several books dedicated to the Harry Potter's world.

  • RILEY Deborah

    Deborah Riley was born on May 16, 1973 in Brisbane, Australia. She is a production designer and art director, known for Game of Thrones (2011), 21 grammes (2003) and Moulin Rouge (2001).
    She has won four Emmy Awards, three Art Directors Guild Awards and one BAFTA for her work in Game of Thrones.

  • ROCA François
    Roca Francois Roca has illustrated more than thirty picture books and has been published in France and the US. He lives and works in Paris and is a Goncourt laureat.

    Scott Robertson is an American designer, educator, author and publisher based in Los Angeles.

  • ROCKWELL Norman

    Norman Percevel Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978) was an American painter and illustrator. His works have a broad popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of American culture. Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over nearly five decades.

  • RUNBERG Sylvain
  • SALAUN Jaouen
  • SAUNDERS David

    David Saunders is an american painter and sculptor, son of illustrator Norman Saunders. He wrote several books about pulp art such as H.J Ward and It's a Man's World: Men's Adventure Magazines, the Postwar Pulps.

  • SEKI Masae
    zyqN9iWS.jpeg Masae Seki is a senior artist at Imaginism Studios in Toronto, Canada, working as a character design and illustrator. She has illustrated numerous books for Disney and is a character designer on the Netflix film "The Christmas Chronicles", produced by Chris Columbus and directed by Clay Kaytis.

  • SERIO Andrea
    Serio Andrea Serio, oscillating illustrator, obsessive pastelist, cartoonist, pyromaniac, creator of wonderful record covers, Tarot card aficionado, billboard creator, painter, music, movie and literature buff from the very beginning (not necessarily in that order and preferably not separated), his attitude towards computers is hostiles, and he types on keyboards with one finger, like François Truffaut. His drawings have been featured in exhibitions like the Turin Book Fair, the Babel International Festival in Athens, Torino Comics, as well as the Lugocontemporaneo music and avant-garde contemporary artist festival. He has worked as a professor at the International School of Comic Books in Turin and Florence.
  • SHANYAR Faraz

    'Faraz Shanyar
    Faraz Shanyar is an Iranian concept artist who worked for companies such as MPC, Volta, Red Barrels, Remedy, and multiple iIanian companies and magazines. Currently he is freelancing and teaching in Tehran.
  • SICAUD Natacha

    Concept Artist veteran in the Video Game industry since 1996, Nicolas "SPARTH" Bouvier is the author of the Structura art book series, Art Director for Halo at Microsoft - 343 Industries in Seattle.


    Simon Stålenhag is an artist, musician, and designer specialising in futuristic digital paintings focused on stereotypical Swedish countryside environments. The settings of his artwork have formed the basis for a range of art booksand a tabletop game.

  • STEWART Ross

    Ross Stewart is an Irish artist working in painting, illustration and animation, notably conceptual design and art direction. He has recently been involved in 3 Oscar nominated feature films; as Art Director on ‘The Secret of Kells‘ (2009), Visual Development on ‘ParaNorman‘ (2013), Concept Artist on ‘Song of the Sea‘ (2015) and has worked on many other award winning animated short films.

  • Stonehouse

    Born in 1976, Seok Jung-Hyun, aka Stonehouse, is one of the most impressive illustrator of South Korea. He graduated from the Animation Department at Korea National University of Arts and is the author of several college classes in Korea as well as special lectures on anatomy all around the world.

    He is the author of several comics and has produced various book covers, like the recent  Watchdogs Legion - Day Zero by Ubisoft.

  • STRNAD Jan

    Jan Steven Strnad (sometimes credited as J. Knight) is an American writer of comic books, horror, and science fiction. He is known for his many collaborations with artist Richard Corben, as well as his work in the Star Wars expanded universe, the majority of which has been published by Dark Horse Comics. He has also written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Eclipse Comics, and Fantagraphics Books.

  • SZABADOS Zsolt ‘Mike’
    Zsolt ‘Mike’ SZABADOS Concept Artist for Piwoloid Studios.

    He started his career as a 3d generalist creating detailed models and textures for online multiplayer games. His passion for creating illustrations and concepts quickly became his dayjob when he became a concept artist at Zu Digital Games. He joined the studio in 2018 and mainly works on detailed 2d/3d prop designs and also creates detailed mechanical and keyframe illustrations.


    J.R.R Tolkien, or John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, was an English writer, poet, philologist, and academic. He was the author of the high fantasy works The Hobbit and The Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings form a connected body of tales, poems, fictional histories, invented languages, and literary essays about a fantasy world called Middle-earth within it.

    While many other authors had published works of fantasy before Tolkien, the great success of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings led directly to a popular resurgence of the genre. This has caused Tolkien to be popularly identified as the "father" of modern fantasy literature.

  • TOPPI Sergio

    Born in 1932, Sergio Toppi began his career by working in animated movies then drew regularly for the Italian children press. In the 70’s he is a major figure of the transalpine comic book. People first notice him in France with his participation to l’Histoire de France en BD, then to the Un Homme une Aventure series. From 1997, Mosquito Editions present an overview of his amazing work by publishing first le Dossier Kokombo, and then Ile Pacifique.

    Some of his comic book pages were selected for the exhibition of “The Masters of the European comic book” at the Bibliothèque Nationale then for the Musée de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême.

    Toppi died of cancer on August 21rst 2012.

    Mosquito Editions are still publishing his work today. After being published in seven European countries, Toppi will soon be published in Japan.

  • UHLIG Daniela

    Daniela Uhlig is a german artist specialized in digital painting.


    Graduated in technical drawing, he has lived and worked in the Malamocco lagoon, on the barrier beach of Venise.

    He presented his first works to Hugo Pratt who gave him a lot of advices, that’s how they became friends. Pratt encouraged him to become a professional and then several years later, he asked him to be his assistant.

    He began to work on Les Scorpions du Desert, then on Corto en Sibérie. He followed Hugo Pratt until the end of his life, while he worked with his partner Guido Fuga with whom he released the Venise’s guide: Itinéraires avec Corto Maltaise published by Casterman.

    As a comic books author, he has made a plentiful of books in Italy such as Fanfaron which was published in France by Casterman. In 2011, he made Cubana, published by Editions Mosquito.

    In 2013, Mosquito published his book Dick Turpin and another book of Hugo Pratt memories.

  • VILLANYI Orsolya

    Orsolya VILLANYI

    Graphic Designer / Creative Illustrator for Pixoloid Studios.

    She started in the studio as a design uni intern and was hired right after graduation as a Creative Assistant and Junior Artist. Beside her university studies - visual communication and graphic design - she completed a course of Autodesk Maya, ZBrush and Concept Design, what really made her a versatile designer.

  • VISINTIN Fabio
    Visintin Fabio Visintin is an italian illustrator.
  • WENDLING Claire
    Wendling How can we introduce the extremely talented Claire Wendling ? During her last year at the Beaux Arts, she wins a prize à the Angoulême comic festival. She also draws for some collective works published by Delcourt (Les Enfants du Nil and Entrechats). One year after that, the series Lights of the l'Amalou starts. The second volume receives a prize at the Angoulême international comic festival. Then, she flies to the US to work for the Warner Studios. Since then, she returned to France and keeps drawing amazingly. She regularly publishes sketchbook and attends conventions.
    Whitcomb Jon Whitcomb (1906-1988) was one of the greatest american illustrator of his time. Master of glamour, his work influenced an entire generation of illustrators.
  • WHITLATCH Terryl
    Whitlatch Terryl Whitlatch is one of the top professional Creature designer ! She is specialized in Animal Anatomy, Paleontological Reconstruction, and the creation of Imaginary Creatures for the Animation, Publishing, Institutional, Academic, and other Transmedia/Entertainment Industries. She has worked various zoo and museum, and her clients include Lucasfilm and -art, Walt Disney, Electronic Arts, Paramount Pictures, Sony, and many others.
  • WOOD Ashley

    Ashley Wood is an Australian artist. Genius of illustration, he also masters many fields such as painting, toys design and comics. 

    He is internationally renowned and has received awards such as the Spectrum Award of Excellence (2002), the Spectrum Award of Avertising and the Special Guest Award of San Diego Comics Con International. 

    Over the past few years, Ashley Wood has organized conventions called Venture that succeed artists of all kinds, whether they are painters, illustrators, game designers or comic book authors, twice a year.

    Today, Ashley Wood exhibits his artwork in galleries and works in the design of characters for television, cinema or comics.


  • Lorin WOOD

    Lorin was raised in an extraordinarily creative family who encouraged him to pursue the visual arts from his earliest years. His love of illustration and design was refined from copying his father's industrial design portfolio, and a healthy dose of the work of Syd Mead, Joe Johnston, Nilo Rodis-Jamero, and Ralph McQuarrie. This assured that his career would veer far from a normal path.

    OVER the course of twenty years, Lorin has amassed a wealth of experience in pre-production conceptual design and art direction, as well as work in visual effects, previsualization and visual development for animated features, game development, product design, and publication.

  • YAMADA Mike

    Mike Yamada is a multidisciplinary problem solver with 13 years of experience in film, animated movies, games, and themed spaces. He is Production Designer at Walt Disney Animation and the illustrator of eight children’s books. He has spoken or taught at some of the biggest colleges, design firms and animation studios, including Art Center College of Design, Continuum, Disney Interactive, and many more.

  • YING Victoria

    Victoria Ying is an author and artist living in Los Angeles.  She started her career in the arts by falling in love with comic books, this eventually turned into a career working in Animation. She loves Japanese Curry, putting things in her shopping cart online and taking them out again and hanging out with her dopey dog. Her film credits include Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Paperman, Big Hero 6, and Moana. Her current work focuses on storytelling with her debut picture book "Meow!" out in stores now and many other novel and graphic novel projects in development.

  • YOON Felix

    Felix Yoon is a Concept Artist and Illustrator who worked as a visual development artist at DreamWorks Animation. Yoon attended the Art Center College of Designwhere he received his BFA in illustration
  • ZIMMER Daniel

    Daniel Zimmer studied illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York, and began his career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He started collecting pulp magazines, vintage paperback books, and original illustration art in the 1980s, and his interest in the artists of the Golden Age led him to found the first quarterly publication devoted to the subject, Illustration magazine, October 2001. His company, The Illustrated Press, Inc., has produced monographs on legendary illustrators such as Dean Cornwell, Tom Lovell, Jon Whitcomb, Norman Saunders, Bernie Fuchs, H.J. Ward, and Walter Baumhofer. Daniel lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.