Kim Jung Gi - Sketchbook 2007


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AuthorKIM Jung Gi
Number of pages1002
Height (cm)21
Width (cm)15
Thickness (cm)4.5
Weight (kg)2
LanguageNo text
Release date2007

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The 2007 sketchbook is the first of Kim Jung Gi's creative genius to be curated and published and it is… truly impressive! His artistic perspective and ability is unmatched, and this work is a wonderful introduction to his monumental and magnificent talent.

In this sketchbook, you’ll find everything to astonish and delight our eye; everything from drawings, doodles, comic pages, portraits, caricatures, animals, to sketches of his live session drawings… You name it, it's there, a glorious display of talent!

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Click on the link below for an introduction to Kim Jung Gi's amazing, truly 'must be seen to believed' talent!

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Kim Jung Gi Live session drawing

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About the artist
Kim Jung Gi was probably the most famous illustrator in the world, his talent was beyond all human comprehension and was held in the highest of esteem by fans and fellow artists alike. His skills were absolutely incredible. His ability to render extremely complicated scenes near-perfectly from memory, without the aid of references, stretched the boundaries of what many artists believed was possible. He sadly passed away in October 2022.