Terada Katsuya + Kim Jung Gi - Illustration Book [English Version]


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Illustration Book by Terada Katsuya and Kim Jung Gi

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AuthorKIM Jung Gi
Release date2015

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A transcendent illustration book by two artists that represent Japan and Korea!

For the first time ever in history, Terada Katsuya and Kim Jung Gi have come together to create an undoubted masterpiece! It is a collection of fierce yet beautiful black lines and unreal real illustrations. Many readers will think, "Who drew what? and then quickly ask the Universe, " and HOW?".

This is a phenomenal book of illustrations that you will reach for again and again, to remind yourself that stupendous and unbelievable talents such as this really does exist on earth, and is a gift that belongs to a precious precious few, and how remarkable and rare is it that two such talents will meet and work in unison on one project, one illustration at a time? It is just extraordinary!

Instead of showing the works of these two artists in a traditional art book format, the editor decided to let the artists create their images freely as they would in their own private sketchbooks. Take time to slowly absorb the energy of the lines and appreciate the beauty of the colours!

Click on the links below for a brief introduction to these two amazing artists!

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