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Dive further into the incredible world of The Castle in the Stars with The Universe in 1875 and Prototypes, illustrated by Alex ALICE!

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Author Alex ALICE
Publisher Editions Caurette
Binding Hardcover
Number of pages 220+220
Height (cm) 28,5
Width (cm) 32
Thickness (cm) 6
Weight (kg) 4
Language French/English
Release date 2023
ISBN 9782382890615

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As a child, Alex Alice dreamt of going to the moon along with Jules Verne’s characters… As an adult, his dream came true with his creation of Castle in the Stars!

The world created by Alex Alice in Castle in the Stars is rich and plentiful. This wildly talented author and illustrator has taken us on fantastic journeys through two series of comic books, as well as through articles written in the Castle in the Stars very own  newspapers, its models, costumes and accessories and large exhibitions.

 If you are a fan of Jules Verne and gorgeous drawings, you will absolutely be over the moon (please pardon the pun!)  for Alex Alice’s watercolours depicting his Jules Verne era exploration of the stars! 

The Universe in 1875 is an "in-world product" meaning it has been imagined for travellers from the Castle in the Stars universe itself: a lavishly illustrated guidebook, complete with travel tips and maps. It is a gorgeous opportunity to discover an alternative universe through 100 sweeping watercolour illustrations complete with immersive texts to bring it all to life, and is an ideal introduction to the Castle in the Stars universe!

About the books and slipcase:

If you’re already a fan of his universe, you’ll be starry-eyed over The Universe in 1875: tons of new illustrations have been created exclusively for this art book and  will be your ultimate magnificently illustrated travel guide.

Prototypes lets you in to the backstage of Castle in the Stars. Alex Alice opens his sketchbooks for us for the very first time,  sharing in detail the process of his creation, from writing to design, along with the actual construction of the Castle in the  Stars world, and the steps in making the illustrations.

The sketchbook is bilingual, (English and French). It iincludes pages from the comic book, concept design drawings, photographs of different types of aethersuits, and of course hundreds of sketches!

These two books are presented inside a magnificent slipcase with gold hot stamping and one tip-on image on each side. The artbook and the sketchbook will have an exclusive dust jacket in the colours of the Bavarian weapons: blue and white!

About the artist:

Alex Alice is a French graphic novel writer and artist, who works in France and the U.S. Born in 1974, he grew up in the south of France and had the chance to travel across Europe, where he developed a life-long passion for the ruins and castles of the medieval and romantic ages. His new ongoing series is his most personal work yet. In Castle in the Stars, he draws (pardon another pun!) upon Jules Verne and nineteenth century romanticism to create a watercolour world of adventure and wonder which enchants adults and younger readers alike. A special exhibition on this series was produced in 2017 by the Angouleme International Comics festival, showcasing 70 pieces of original art along with costumes, props and models. This was followed by two solo exhibitions at the Galerie Maghen in Paris (2018 and 2020). His works have been translated into 19 languages. Alex Alice’s original drawings are held by the Galerie Maghen in Paris.

A word from the publishers:

These two gorgeous books in their slipcase will take you on an unbelievable journey, beginning with the attention to detail paid to producing the books themselves; hardcover, embossing, golden inks, beautiful paper... the works!  These splendid books are for the fans of the series as well as for art lovers in general!

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