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AuthorPyeong Jun PARK
Number of pages120
Height (cm)29
Width (cm)22
Weight (kg)900g
LanguageNo text
Release date2018

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We are thrilled tp present a captivating collection from PyeongJun Park!

His artbook, entitled  ''1318'' is divided in two parts: his wonderful artwork for Legend of the Cryptids (trading cards MMORPG) and his personal artwork, drawings that are fabulously detailed, delicate and provocative, with a defined emphasis on characters and anatomy

PyeongJun Park's work between the years 2013 to 2018,is the source of the title, ''1318'', and is a great source of inspiration for artists and fans of Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Steampunk alike. 

With a major in Visual Art, PyeongJun Park has worked as a concept artist for major feature film companies and as a freelance illustrator. Using mainly digital tools, he has also worked as a cover artist for Marvel and teaches CG Illustration in Seoul.

You will not be disappointed with this visual feast from one of Korea’s most talented illustrators.

Watch the artist in action!

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