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Russia² by Dmitry Markov


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Author Dmitry MARKOV
Publisher Treemedia
Binding Hardcover
Height (cm) 24.5
Width (cm) 24.5
Weight (kg) 1.1
Language Russian
Released date 2021
ISBN 9789526946764

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After Draft, published in 2018, we are pleased to distribute Dmitry Markov's new project!

Indeed, since Draft, many new photos have been collected and after selecting the best ones and based on a successful exhibition at the Gogol Center (Moscow), a new album has been produced by Treemedia Editions: Russia².

As a reminder, the 35-year-old Russian photographer, laureate of the prestigious awards Silver CameraPhotoPhilanthropy Activists and Getty Images-Instagram awards, is well-known for the raw and real aspect of his photographs, made with a simple iPhone and his sharp eye. For Draft, he had documented the unfiltered life in the former USSR. No staging in his photos, no models to pose: only scenes of everyday life that Dmitry had captured on the fly, almost stealthily for some.

This album is once again a collection, a choice to edit photos that are already available online. Dmitry Markov explains it this way:

"First of all, the events of this year suggest the disturbing idea that "open access" is a fragile phenomenon and depends on a political agenda. Of course, the likelihood of Instagram being blocked is low, but such a scenario cannot be completely ruled out. With this in mind, I would like to preserve a photographic archive of the past few years in a reliable, analogue format.

Secondly, I would like these photos to stay with those who see them as a part of their lives. Because it is a part of our history. It's our childhood in the suburbs, our neighbours on the benches, in the doorways, the familiar streets of our cities, and, of course, ourselves. I am flattered to be recognised abroad as a photographer, but, hand on heart, my dearest and most beloved viewers are those who recognise something indigenous in these photographs. Those who, like me, feel a connection, remember the past, or divine the present. These are my most important viewers.

And the album is for them."

The Russia² book will be published by Treemedia in early Winter 2021.

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