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An unprecedented artistic experience bringing together more than 110 artists, among whom:

KIM Jung Gi, Armel GAULME, Benjamin LACOMBEStan MANOUKIANJörg ASSELBORN, Viktor KALVACHEV, Vincent MALLIÉ, Loïc JOUANNIGOT, Sylvain DESPRETZ, Julien DELVAL, Juanjo GUARNIDOFrédéric PILLOT and many more...

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Number of pages160
Height (cm)21
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LanguageEnglish and French
Release date05/10/2022

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DUO is a collaborative project of international scope, initiated over 10 years ago by Gérald Guerlais and Sébastien Mesnard, both illustrators. For more than ten years, two real notebooks have welcomed in their pages the collaborations of 110 artists, from Paris to London, and from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Among them, we find great names like Kim Jung Gi (South Korea), Juanjo Guarnido (Spain) and Benjamin Lacombe (France) but also less known emerging artists. They come from illustration, comics, and animation, and have combined their talents to go beyond the distinctions of genres and media and offer you these duos gathered, for the first time, in a unique book and presented in a bilingual version.

« Some duos were spontaneously established, when each artist knew who he or she wanted to share a page with. Some duos were arranged when artists didn't know each other, didn't dare express their admiration for one another or simply didn't know who they wanted to mix their brushes with. »

Gérald Guerlais et Sébastien Mesnard

You may identify the style of some well-known artists, who were humble enough to share, not only their pages, but also their renown with lesser-known colleagues. Some pairs have blended their art so well that no one could tell who did what. Others have simulated duels, staging brotherly rivalry or genuine complicity. New friendships sprang up, old ones were confirmed, love affairs occurred, ephemeral or not. You know some names, or, at least, their world and characters. Others may not ring a bell, yet in the anonymity of famous animation studios or major brands, they contribute daily to major works and leave their mark on the collective cultural subconscious.

Here are all the artists who took part in this amazing project:

Christelle Abgrall, Kei Acedera, Mélanie Allag, Camille André, Jörg Asselborn, Virginie Augustin, Sébastien Azzi, Thomas Baas, Pénélope Bagieu, Balak, Brigitte Barrager, Marion Billet, Seth Boyden, Claire Braud, Eglantine Ceulemans, Clio Chiang, Cy, Benji Davies, Adolie Day, Alexandre Day, Arthur De Pins, Olivier Delabarre, Nicolas Delort, Julien Delval, Luc Desmarchelier, Sylvain Despretz, Sophie Diao, Nicolas Duffaut, Paul Echegoyen, Benoît Feroumont, Amélie Fléchais, Sylvain Frécon, Bertrand Gatignol, Philippe Gauckler, Armel Gaulme, Céline Gobinet, Eric Gosselet, Maël Gourmelon, Juanjo Guarnido, Rodolphe Guenoden, Gérald Guerlais, Sophie Guerlais, Florence Guittard, Oren Haskins, Dean Haazen, Uwe Heidschötter, Gaëlle Hersent, Daphné Hong, Alexandra Huard, Kim Hyun Jin, Loïc Jouannigot, Kim Jung Gi, Viktor Kalvachev, Meghan Jean Kinder Sasaki, Karl Kopinski, Benjamin Lacombe, Magali Le Huche, Clément Lefèvre, Carlos Felipe León, Hélène Leroux, Lilidoll, Albert Lozano, Baptiste Lucas, Paul Mager, Vincent Mahé, Vincent Maillé, Stan Manoukian, Floriane Marchix, Annette Marnat, Maxime Mary, François Maumont, Marco Mazzoni, Brendan Merien, Sébastien Mesnard, Clémence Monnet, Anne Montel, Virginie Nahon, Cholé Nicolay, Pakoto, Clotilde Perrin, Aude Picault, Frédérix Pillot, Caroline Piochon, Joe Pitt, Amandine Piu, Lila Poppins, Pierre Poux, Nathalie Ragondet, Yrgane Ramon, Florent Remize, Marietta Ren, Lionel Richerand, François Roca, Caroline Rocagel, Kristelle Rodeia, Juliano Roels, Julien Rossire, Chris Sasaki, Maly Siri, Benoît Springer, Ellen Surrey, Olivier Tallec, Louis Thomas, Coralie Vallageas, Vivès Emmanuelle, Mo Willems, Zébé, Zep.

In purchasing this volume, you support the Épic foundation, for the benefit of which these committed artists have generously renounced their royalties.

More info, an excerpt from the book and interviews from the illustrators on the publisher's website, Glenat.com!