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Xaxaxa is an artbook from the French artist Xaxaxa, featuring illustrations from 2013 to 2023. 

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PublisherXa Colors
Number of pages194
Height (cm)27.5
Width (cm)21.5
Thickness (cm)2.5
Weight (kg)1.083
Release dateOctober 2023

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About the book:

The objective:  Colourful, cute, and sexy, while also being mindful not to be too explicit or suggestive, appealing to a wide audience.

Objective achieved! There are pages in the book dedicated to Xaxaxa's work for Ankama and the "Young Souls" game, as well as other clients projects or fan arts inspired by pop culture. You'll have the pleasure of admiring his adorable pin-ups in a manga style throughout these +200 full-colour illustrations, produced digitally.

'Art books make me dream... As soon as I complete a digital drawing, I always imagine what it would look like in an illustration book. Digital art tends to leave me with a feeling of incompleteness and volatility, especially in today's world where there is a surge of crypto and A.I. "art". - Xavier'

Check out XaXaXa’s very successful 2023 Kickstarter for this book, reaching a whopping 972%!

A word from the artist:

I live in Lille, in the north of France. and worked for 15 years at Ankama as a character designer and art director I am best-known having designed the heroes of the "Wakfu" animated television series and game, as well as those of the animated film "Dofus, le retour de Julith".

Today, I'm a freelancer, alternating between design missions for video games and manga-style pin-up illustrations, which I distribute on my Patreon platform and on my social networks. In 2023, I realized my dream of self-publishing my artbook. For the egotistical pleasure of placing it among the hundreds of artbooks that have inspired me, but above all, to share with you my work on a beautiful medium in this digital age.

A large part of my book is devoted to my pin-ups. Sometimes, they simply show off their curves, but more often than not, I've tried to create a little universe for them, in which they could be the heroine. Inspired by Heroic-fantasy, science fiction, video games and even little slices of life, I have tried to vary the themes while making sure they are both sexy and independent. This is followed by some of the character-design and illustration work I did for Ankama, and for the independent game "Young Souls". The book closes with a few pages of preparatory sketches and

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