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Mœbius Production reprint Inside Mœbius, as a very nice slipcase edition (2 books for the 6 volumes of the original story)

Text in the book are in French!

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Data sheet

Author Jean Giraud "Moebius"
Publisher Moebius Production
Binding Softcover
Number of pages 756
Height (cm) 24.5
Width (cm) 17.2
Thickness (cm) 7
Weight (kg) 1.7
Language French
Release date 2022
ISBN 978-2-908-76633-2

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Text in the book are in French!

Created between 2000 and 2010, Mœbius' self-drawn fiction is divided into 6 volumes reunited in two books, unfolding an improvised scenario in the arid world of the Desert-B.

Surrounded by his favourite characters, the author himself invites us to explore his metaphysical universe, oscillating without warning between humour and philosophical discussions, playing with format and conventions.

Confronted with his younger versions as much as with his inevitable disappearance, Moebius explores his space of creative freedom - symbolized by a bunker in the middle of the desert. The drawing comes to life and consciousness, becoming the antechamber of dreams and imagination. And as in a dream, mysterious symbols and the most absurd situations follow one another, drawing us into the deepest recesses of the subconscious...

This ability to play with the limits of reality has made Moebius a unique artist, ready to generously deliver his most intimate reflections to readers, all wrapped up in a good dose of humour (which his characters do not fail to criticise).

Inside Moebius plays with the codes of comics to better return to them, and is full of little secrets and revelations: to be read or reread, for connoisseurs or neophytes, this unmissable story brings us a little closer to the creative heart of Jean Giraud Moebius.

The extras: a folder of bonus images, sketches and stories at the end of volume 1!

More info on the publisher's website Moebius Productions