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Explicit content artbook featuring over 120 international artists including:

  • KIM Jung Gi
  • Daniela UHLIG
  • Belen ORTEGA
  • Pauline VOß
  • Even Mehl AMUNDSEN
  • Abigail LARSON

This item is a PREORDER that will be shipped in SEPTEMBER 2019

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40,00 €

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Author Collective
Publisher Editions Caurette
Number of pages 160
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 20
Thickness (cm) 2
Weight (kg) 1.5
Language English
Relased date 08/2019
ISBN 979-10-96315-39-0

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The aggressive rejection of any nude artwork (and specifically the female nipples) on social media has influenced creatorstothe extent that many artists now avoid working with nudity altogether. Posted uncensored, their work has led to blocked profiles, deleted images, and platform bans, creating an industry stigma around the subject that artists are now cautioned to avoid. #hardcover is taking a stand; publishing explicit artwork created by established professionals who believe in the freedom to explore our sexuality and humanity through art. With artists like Kim Jung Gi, Sara Pichelli, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Daniela Uhlig, Belén Ortega, Even Mehl Amundsen, Gerald Parel and many many more, this book promises to be one of a kind.

Most of the artists contributing to #hardcover haven't published any adult art until taking part in this project, which makes this volume an exclusive window into their intimate thoughts. We wanted the artists to be free to create any content without boundaries, so the book contains expressions of all sexualities - and we wouldn't want it any other way. The book will be bound as a black hardcover (duh!) and have 160 pages of content.

We have the work of over 120 artists in this project. The cover will feature a copper-foil logo, and we have a Kickstarter-exclusive tier that adds a sketchbook that is showing alternative work, processes and sketches, and also includes a slipcase. Test your luck to win a stack of books which worth over 1200€ and some additional sketches! To participate, check the details and the information on the #hardcover page on Kickstarter by clicking here!

AUTHORS'S LIST (March 2019)

  •          Abigail Larson
  •          Adam Daroszewski
  •          Alexander Tsaruk
  •          Alix Branwyn
  •          Andrew Mar
  •          Angi Pauly Llobet
  •          Andrew Domachowski
  •          Anton Oxenuk
  •          Antonin Gallo
  •          Antonio de Luca
  •          Ariel Vittori
  •          Armel Gaulme
  •          Ash Kerins
  •          Audrey Mitsuko
  •          Ayran Oberto
  •          Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme
  •          Belén Ortega
  •          Björn Hurri
  •          Bogna Gawrońska
  •          Célia Beauduc
  •          Claudia SG Ianniciello
  •          Chris Anyma
  •          Courtney James Howlett
  •          Cristian Chihaia
  •          Cristina Laviña
  •          Damien Henceval
  •          Daniel Bolling Walsh
  •          Daniela Uhlig
  •          David Ardinaryas Lojaya
  •          Devon Cady-lee
  •          Dhaniel Alexander Castillo
  •          Diego Gisbert Llorens
  •          Dimitri Chappuis
  •          Dimitri van Wezel 
  •          Dominik Gümbel
  •          Dylan Choonhachat
  •          Emma Rose Paterson
  •          Erik Staub
  •          Even Mehl Amundsen
  •          Fatemeh Haghnejad
  •          Georgios Dimitriou
  •          Gerald Parel
  •          Halil Ural
  •          Hans Olo
  •          Hanukafast Alex
  •          Henry Wong
  •          Hugo Richard
  •          Iga Oliwiak
  •          Igor-alban Chevalier
  •          Ihor Pasternak
  •          Iosu Palacios
  •          Ivan Lougovoy
  •          Jaclin Natalia Kareta
  •          James Martin
  •          Jander González Mella
  •          Jasmin Darnell
  •          Javi Salas
  •          Jennifer Wuestling
  •          Jeon “Uniquelab”
             Seon Hyung
  •          Jessica Rossier
  •          Jianli Wu
  •          João David Fernandes
  •          Juarez Ricci
  •          Julian Dieckert
  •          Kev Chan
  •          Khasis Lieb
  •          Kim Jung Gi
  •          Kyu Yong Eom
  •          Leila Leiz
  •          Lenka Šimečková
  •          Lime Lissa
  •          Lorenzo Di Mauro
  •          Lucia Massucco
  •          Manos Lagouvardos
  •          Maki Planas Mata
  •          Marc Escachx Jacob
  •          Marco Guaglione
  •          Marek Madej
  •          Mariana Galiano
  •          Mariia Solianyk
  •          Mario Manzanares
  •          Markus Neidel
  •          Marta Nael
  •          Mathias Konrad Osland
  •          Max Davenport
  •          Max Schulz
  •          Melissa Spandri
  •          Miguel Iglesias
  •          Mike DeBalfo
  •          Mike Guiang
  •          Miroslav Petrov
  •          Nadja Clauberg
  •          Nekro
  •          Olga Andriyenko
  •          Olga Samoilova
  •          Pablo Carpio
  •          Pauline Gausserand
  •          Pauline Voß
  •          Paulo Barrios
  •          Rafa Teruel
  •          Rafael Sarmento
  •          Randall Mackey
  •          Randall Whiteis
  •          Ricardo Padierne Silvera
  •          Riccardo Mannelli
  •          Robbie Trevino
  •          Ronan Toulhoat
  •          Samuel Smith
  •          Sara Pichelli
  •          Serge Birault
  •         Sidharth Chaturvedi
  •         Simon Cowell
  •         Soren Zaragoza
  •         Svetlin Velinov
  •         Thomas Chamberlain-Keen (Tck Tck)
  •         Thabiso Mhlaba
  •         Tom Jilesen
  •         Tony Sandoval
  •         Veli Nyström
  •         Xavier d‘Espinay Saint Luc