Pierre Lambert - Sleeping Beauty (La Belle au Bois Dormant)


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Sleeping Beauty by Pierre Lambert, published by Editions de l'Ecole Georges Méliès.

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Author Pierre LAMBERT
Publisher Editions de l'Ecole Georges Méliès
Binding Hardcover
Number of pages 220
Height (cm) 33 cm
Width (cm) 33 cm
Weight (kg) 4,5 Kg
Language French
Released date 2013
ISBN 978-29-54208-30-5

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La Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty) is a beautiful, heavy, slipcased, 13 x 13 inch, artbook with 220 pages and 250 color illustrations reproducing artwork from the film: visual development studies, storyboards, layouts, animation drawings, cels, and backgrounds. From the first sketches of Kay Nielsen to the drawings of Milt Kahl and Marc Davis to the magnificent backgrounds by Eyvind Earle.

With the success of his animated films, television shows and Disneyland amusement park in California, Walt Disney could take on one of the toughest challenges of his filmmaking career, the adaptation of the Charles Perrault fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. This book holds the amazing story of the creation of this great Disney animated classic, the first made in widescreen Technirama Super 70mm. 

This journey through the dream of Walt Disney is guided by the desire to know the remarkable work of six hundred people who, between 1953 and 1959, participated in the creation of Sleeping Beauty. The initial studies by Kay Nielsen, the magnificent backgrounds of Eyvind Earle, the drawings of animators Milt Kahl and Mark Davis are among the nearly 250 original works (preliminary studies, storyboards, layouts, drawings, animation cels and backgrounds) reproduced in this book, testament to the cartoon as an art form. 

More than half a century after the release of Sleeping Beauty, this luxurious book's aim is to allow younger generations to experience-- and enthusiasts to rediscover-- this timeless Walt Disney classic. 

The Ecole Georges Méliès (based in Orly, not far from Paris) dedicated to the education and training of new generations of animators, designers and directors for more than a decade, decided in creating Editions de l'Ecole Georges Méliès to continue the series of art books devoted to the great Disney films started by Pierre Lambert nearly twenty years ago. Sleeping Beauty is the first book published by Editions de l'Ecole Georges Méliès, the prelude to an ambitious collection dedicated to animation’s masterpieces.