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No Ryang by Q-Ha

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AuthorQ-Ha & Jean-Yves Delitte
Number of pages56
Height (cm)32 cm
Width (cm)24 cm
Thickness (cm)1 cm
Weight (kg)0.6 kg
Release date2019

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1598. The war between Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Japanese empire and the alliance of Ming China and Choson Korea has lasted six years; six years of countless battles and short-lived peace.

But Hideyoshi has died of illness and Japan inevitably falls into internal quarrels of succession to take over the regency of the country. Now many daimyos are less and less convinced of the relevance of fighting in Korea, preferring to depend upon their alliance. Thus they gradually withdraw their men from Korean soil.

But a retreat is not to be, The Koreans and their Chinese allies are hungry for victory. And as for the Japanese, their pride demands that they leave the country with the trappings of a victor and not those of a coward who flees the battle. It is then that a Korean admiral will demonstrate all his science of naval warfare to inflict one of their most bitter defeats on the legendary samurai.

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