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AuthorJacques Martin, Roger Seiter, Régric
PublisherEditions Caurette
Number of pages96
Height (cm)42
Width (cm)29,7
Thickness (cm)1.7
Weight (kg)1.7
Release dateMay/June 2022

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Like all Lefranc's adventures, this one takes place at the heart of history, this time in Cuba, 1958. Many famous people cross paths with our heroic reporter, starting with Ernest Hemingway. Convinced that he had discovered the ancient ruins of Atlantis, Hemingway invites Lefranc to Cuba, on the pretext of a simple interview, to tell him about his discovery. Of course, this was without taking into account the tensions about to be unleashed on the island! Everything is about to kick off:  fighting between the revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro and the regime of dictator Batista, the American mafia is planning a major operation in Cuba, involving atomic weapons...

About the book:

Released in September 2014, Cuba Libre is Lefranc's fifth adventure since the death of his creator, Jacques Martin, in 2010. Roger Seiter's script and Régric's drawings pay fitting tribute to the character, and the plot is thrilling as hell.

At Caurette, we're delighted to be publishing this album in a deluxe version for all the fans (and we know there are many) of Lefranc and the world of Jacques Martin!

This 96-page album, measuring 30 x 42 cm, is printed as a limited edition of 350 copies, numbered and signed by the authors. The format is virtually the same as the original Régric plates. The album includes the 46 black and white pages of Cuba Libre, the complete illustrated sequence by Roger Seiter and an interview with the authors by Stéphane Jacquet d’Alixmag.

The book also includes:

    An original plate and a 36.5 x 50 cm facsimile pencil plate

    An unpublished large-format colour offprint, numbered and signed

    A facsimile envelope addressed to the Globe containing an original article by Lefranc on the discovery of Hemingway, as well as four photos taken by our reporter

    A separate 48-page A4 booklet containing the pencils for the 46 plates in the album and six cover sketches by Régric.
    Free delivery to mainland France.

About the author:

Jacques Martin, a prolific comic book artist and author, cama on the scene with the Journal de Tintin in 1948, where he drew alongside Hergé. It was during this same time that he created the character of Alix, a Gallic slave in the time of Julius Caesar. Accompanied by his sidekick Enak, Alix has many adventures in the company of historical figures from Antiquity such as Caesar, Cleopatra and the Emperor Augustus.

Four years after the success of Alix, Alix l'intrépide, Jacques Martin decided to tackle contemporary history. To do so, he created Guy Lefranc, a reporter who is often found at the heart of catastrophic situations.

On the recommendation of the Journal's management, he drew his new hero in the image of Alix: blond and intrepid, even taking inspiration from his Gallic origins for the name Lefranc. Lefranc is also  accompanied by a sidekick similar to Enak, Jeanjean, a young scout.

The two series, which survived both the Journal de Tintin and the death of Jacques Martin, were published by Casterman and are still very popular today.

Catch a glimpse for yourself!

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