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ORO, by Björn HURRI

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AuthorBjörn Hurri
PublisherEditions Caurette
Number of pages248
Height (cm)21
Width (cm)21
Thickness (cm)1.5
Weight (kg)1.5
Release date03/2023

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"I think that the age-old classic symbol of balance, the yin and yang, good against evil, light on the opposite side of darkness, and so on has a lot of meaning in storytelling and also in life. It is something that is fundamental in how we navigate and survive in the world. Abominations already touched on that subject and were blurring the line of where a character can settle on that spectrum. With this book, ORO, I wanted to explore that notion in a character or monsters. Will an inherently good character have an evil side to it? Is a character that is pure of heart a weakness in a world of brutality or is a ruthless destroyer actually a creator of something positive? Oro is a place of violence, greed, love, hate, heroism, and betrayal but most of all the chaotic balance and nature of the duality of that what lies underneath the surface."

Björn Hurri on ORO

About the author

Björn Hurri is an award-winning concept artist and art director, originally from Sweden, now living in Latvia.He has worked for all major publishers and with over 100+ titles (among them games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Alien Isolation, God of War 4, Dishonored, League of Legends, and many more).
He has been an art teacher since 2008 and taught a highly popular character design class at CG Master Academy. Björn also participates in numerous workshops and events world wide, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with an eager audience.

About the book

Hot on the heels of Björn's massively successful Abominations, ORO is a visual treat: it is two books in one. Each of the two covers is a gateway into the realms of light or into the realms of dark, two universes meeting in the middle... 
The design and contents of this book will blow you away!

AND! We are also reprinting the sold-out Abominations!

Check out the very successful ORO crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!

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