Cromwell - End Zone


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PublisherEditions Caurette
Number of pages178
Height (cm)24.9
Width (cm)20.5
Thickness (cm)2.7
Weight (kg)1.20
LanguageEnglish and French
Release date12/2020

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About the author:

Cromwell is a troublemaker. As the son of a Foreign Legion officer, he was forbidden from reading comics, but he proceeded to attend the prestigious Gobelins School, where he discovered animation and made long lasting friendships, including Riff Reb's with whom he founded the Atelier Azylum.

He is the author and co-author of several comics and illustrated books, like Le bal de la sueur with Riff Reb's, the Minettos Desperados, Anita Bomba, and a 'must-see adaptation of Fenimore Cooper's novel, The Last of the Mohicans.

Most recently, he has painted illustrations for Batard, Jack London's novel.

His subversive style has taken him to the top echelon of French comic artists and illustrators.

About the book:

Cromwell is one of the most fascinating artists I know. But, despite what you might believe flipping through this art book, he paints more than he draws… Actually no… What Cromwell does is tear substance from the world to attach it to his canvas and paper. Every page of this book carries the battle scars of this confrontation with shrouded, surrendering reality - they mark five decades of struggle, littered with skirmishes, pitched battles, sweat, anger, moments of flair and dazzling brilliance.

JC Caurette

In this artbook you will find the very best of an immensely talented illustrator: 228 pages of drawings, paintings, sketches and journeys into gripping and strange worlds.

Cromwell has dug into his archives and presents us with a fantastic and visually arresting treat curated from artwork stretching back 5 decades!

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