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Sketch Every Day by Simone Grünewald

Known for her humorous characters and relatable narratives, Simone Grünewald offers creatives the opportunity to delve into her engaging illustrative practice.

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Autore Grünewald Simone
Editore 3dtotal
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 208
Altezza (cm) 24,7
Larghezza (cm) 17,7
Spessore (cm) 1,5
Peso (kg) 0,6
Lingua Anglais
Data di pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 978-1-909414-90-7


Learn about key elements of character art from traditional and digital illustrator, Simone Grünewald. Simone, also known as “Schmoedraws”, creates heart-felt and personal designs inspired by her everyday life experiences and passion for the arts.

As a new mother, she also draws on her humorous experiences of bringing up a small child in the modern world. Discover in-depth visual breakdowns of Simone’s techniques as well as a varied and extensive collection of Simone’s stunning art. From linework advice to character design considerations, Simone generously shares her creative practice.

A book that appeals to artists at every stage of their creative journey, this title teaches how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, as well as how to improve technique. Feel motivated to practice every day to develop engaging characters of all shapes, ages and sizes. With special focus on developing dynamic poses and expressions, Simone’s advice will ensure that you create emotive characters with energy and personality.

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