Komorebi: The Art of Djamila Knopf


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Travel through the world of Djamila Knopf, an artist and teacher whose Japanese-influenced characters and settings enchant fans worldwide

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AutoreDjamila Knopf
Numero di pagine152
Altezza (cm)28,5
Larghezza (cm)22
Spessore (cm)1,2
Peso (kg)1,1
Data di pubblicazione2020


Illustrator Djamila Knopf leads us through her world, where anime-influenced characters, exquisite settings, and the process of creating fantasies enchant her fans worldwide.

Having settled on her own authentic, creative style, featuring line art and a palette of delicate yet impactful colors, Djamila has written a book to chart her journey.

Japanese art was a key influence from an early age, and the book illustrates how Djamila has fused her favorite aspects of anime to create unique style that has captured the attention of both art fans and the industry. Her approach to storytelling and ideation are covered in depth;  Djamila shares her own experiences and insights to help readers fine-tune their own early stages of creation.

As a fantasy artist, symbolism and fantastical scenes have always been part of Djamila’s world, and here she shares how she works with these, as well as finding very personal connections to even the most general of concepts.

The final leg of the journey is visiting Djamila’s own studio, where she discusses being an independent artist, her daily routine and workspace, and the practical aspect of time management and motivation.

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