The Art of Pascal Campion


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This fun, thought-provoking book is bursting with the characters and settings for which Pascal Campion is so well known.

He digs deep to pinpoint how his style and skills have evolved, and case studies and tips on storytelling will delight artists who want to pursue this side of their own art

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AutoreCAMPION Pascal
Numero di pagine152
Altezza (cm)27
Larghezza (cm)23
Spessore (cm)1,1
Peso (kg)1,1
Data di pubblicazione2022


This book features a bookplate signed by Pascal Campion and a mini print.

Enter the dynamic, fun, fascinating, and thought-provoking world of Pascal Campion and enjoy beautifully printed pages featuring his famous comic strips, stunning artwork, and entertaining doodles. Discover the techniques - such as storytelling, lighting, and brush choices – that Pascal employs to such great effect.

He tracks his progress through key industry roles and the development of his trademark art and comic strips. His “Sketch Of the Day” project on Instagram attracts over 860K followers to Pascal’s characters and stories.

With extensive galleries of his work, it’s a book for Pascal fans and newcomers alike.

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To learn more about the publisher, visit their website: 3d Total Publishing!