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Eric Hérenguel - Kong Crew Deluxe - Blank Cover


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Blank cover version of the Kong Crew Deluxe by Eric Hérenguel 

Only 25 (signed and numbered) copies available! 

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479,00 €

Technische Daten

Verleger Caurette
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 90
Höhe (cm) 42
Breite (cm) 30
Dicke (cm) 2
Gewicht (kg) 2,5
Sprache French
Veröffentlichung 2021
ISBN 9782382890189

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Only 25 copies were printed, making this edition a very exclusive one!

What is a Blank Cover?

The main characteristic of this item is its white hardcover on which Eric Hérenguel draws an original illustration for each and every book which are then also signed and numbered by the artist. If you are a fan of original art, this is an ingenious way to purchase it.

If you choose to purchase this Blank Cover, it will be shipped once Eric Hérenguel finishes your cover (Some patience is required, but it is definitely worth it!)