Enrique Fernández - Limbo Hotel

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Limbo Hôtel by Enrique Fernández, a comic strip published by Spaceman Project.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

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AutoreEnrique FERNANDEZ
EditoreSpaceman Project
Numero di pagine96
Altezza (cm)29
Larghezza (cm)22
Spessore (cm)1
Peso (kg)0.828
LinguaFrench, English and Spanish
Data di pubblicazione12/01/2024


About the Book:   

The Limbo Hotel was Cory and Kein's lifelong dream. They transformed a small abandoned coastal village hotel with their bare hands into a prosperous, happy business, always crowded with guests from all the corners of the world. But everything changed the day she died, leaving Kein defeated and alone in charge of keeping their dream alive. Since then, no client ever came back to this remote setting. Only the accidental arrival of Aiden broke the spell of the past lonely years.

A deft and sensitive account of the Spanish civil war, Fernandez tells a tragic story with imagination and kindness.

A beautifully finished book with a cloth bound spine.

Available in French, English and Spanish

About the artist:

Enrique Fernández, born in 1975 in Barcelona, Spain is a scriptwriter, cartoonist, illustrator and colourist.

Specialising in animation, he worked for several studios - including Filmax - on the storyboards for the films "El Cid" and "Nocturna". He then moved into comics with "Les Libérateurs" (Paquet).This was followed by an adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz" for Delcourt, with David Chauvel on the script. La Mère des Victoires" was his first screenplay, and he continues to shine with the virtuosity of his drawing. He won the Grand Prix de la ville de Lyon 2006 for "Le Magicien d'Oz, tome 3", published by Delcourt.