Björn Hurri - Abominations (reprint)


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Abominations, for anyone hooked on horror and fantasy, an artbook by Björn HURRI.

Reprinted thanks to the ORO Kickstarter campaign

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AutoreBjörn Hurri
EditoreEditions Caurette
Numero di pagine248
Altezza (cm)21
Larghezza (cm)21
Spessore (cm)1.5
Peso (kg)1.1
Data di pubblicazione05/2021


Funded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign in December 2020, Abominations was out of stock shotrtly after being released.

The crowdfunding campaign for the second artbook by Björn Hurri, ORO, was the perfect opportunity to reprint Abominations! It is also available as part of the ORO Kickstarter campaign.

About the book

Björn Hurri's Abominations features 224 pages of.. abominations! Yeah, I think that's how you can call them. We can pretend they're creature designs, sketches, ideas, illustrations, but the truth is, they are nightmares on paper!

From the crowdfunding campaign:

A book packed with creations that come from one of the most inventive minds of the gaming industry. If you are thinking about one of the games of the past decade that you played, Björn probably had his part in it. This book is only a fraction of what he has been creating in the past years and still worth your attention as it is centered around his creature designs and also contains a fair amount of sketches and explanations for his ideas. No matter if you are a designer yourself or a gamer and consumer, this will be a worthy addition to your collection!

The book is printed on 150g Munken arctic paper (well, if you don't know anything about paper, it means "nice heavy paper" :) )

About the author

Björn Hurri is an award-winning concept artist and art director. He has worked for all major publishers and with over 100+ titles (among them games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Alien Isolation, God of War 4, Dishonored, League of Legends, and many more). He has also been teaching artists since 2008 and he taught a highly popular character design class at CG Master Academy. Björn has shared his knowledge in lectures and demos at 15+ workshops and events in multiple countries and to thousands of people.

Aside from all this, he is cultivating a community under the banner of 30min Warmup where he is teaching his approaches every morning as well as on his Discord server. He runs the popular art challenge called Unreal Björnament. Björn and his family live in Latvia. He is often invited to international events for lectures and portfolio reviews and is engaging in a lot of community-driven activities.

Check out Björn Hurri's social media:

More info on the Kickstarter campaign, over since December 10th 2020!

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