Beatrice Blue - Wonder: The Art and Practice of Beatrice Blue


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Wonder: The Art and Practice of Beatrice Blue

Follow illustrator Beatrice Blue on a journey of discovery through her whimsical world of quirky creatures, engaging characters, and immersive scenery.

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Autore BLUE Beatrice
Editore 3dtotal
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 152
Altezza (cm) 23
Larghezza (cm) 19
Spessore (cm) 1
Peso (kg) 1
Lingua Anglais
Data di pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 978-0-9551530-9-9



About the artist:

Beatrice is a Montreal-based art director and author/illustrator working both in publishing and the animation industry. She loves to travel and explore the natural world.

Author of “Once Upon a Dragon’s fire”; "Once Upon a Mermaid's tail"; and the critically acclaimed “Once Upon a Unicorn Horn”, she has worked with companies such as Dreamworks TV, Apple TV+, Hasbro, Procreate, Harper Collins, Nickelodeon, Square-Enix and Penguin R.H. among many others and is the founder of the popular "Childhood Week '' challenge on social media.

About the book:

Wander through the immersive illustrated universe of Beatrice Blue. Filled with playful characters, enchanting natural scenery, and captivating narratives, Beatrice’s designs will appeal to everyone’s inner child. Her fantastic use of vibrant color and luminous finishes give her imaginative scenes life and vigor, while her expressive texturing techniques embellish her already intricately detailed works further, to create designs with depth and integrity. Discover how Beatrice harmoniously manages her work and life schedule to stay inspired and keep producing fresh and engaging art.

She also explains how she builds her stunning compositions and considers every integral detail to create balanced designs. Take note of the invaluable insights she has to share from her experiences working for industry leaders and find out how to develop designs with personality, in order to stand out from the crowd.

This beautiful handheld hardback title is the perfect book to carry with you on all your exciting adventures, providing you with a portal to a colorful and deeply magical world.

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