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#hardcover solo first issue by OthalaM!

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Shipping November 2024

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EditoreSpiridon - Editions Caurette
Numero di pagine204
Altezza (cm)24,3
Larghezza (cm)19
Spessore (cm)2
Peso (kg)1,5
Linguano text
Data di pubblicazioneNovember 2024


We are back! As you may have seen in this year's announcements,  #hardcover has returned! And this time with an accompanying monographs! Along with the collective artbook, we also are proud to present you the first of many monographs, dedicated to the erotic art of only one artist.  For our debut monograph we are thrilled to present the imaginative renderings of OthalaM.

About the book:

OthalaM -  #hardcover solo is a 204-page hardcover book printed on 150g Arctic Volume paper, with a matte finish  cover, sized 190 x 243 mm or 7.5 x 9.6 inches. #hardcover is collection of art works and contains additional selected art from past years. All books come with a special slipcover, open on both sides made of 300g paper to protect your book (and the spicy cover that it hides).

Included in the Premium Bundle:

- A signed bookplate
- A 48 pages sketchbook with traditional sketches
- Set of 4 vinyl stickers
- A signed print

About the artist:

Based in Northern Italy, OthalaM started drawing as a young girl, never really thinking it could seriously turn into a career. At first, her main mediums were graphite, colored pencils, and watercolors, but she soon abandoned them in favor of a small drawing tablet, gifted to her by a clueless parent. She’s been making digital art ever since.

Despite choosing to pursue a degree (a full-time job soon after) in a completely different field, her passion for making art only grew stronger, drawing almost every day and posting as much as she could trying to build an online presence.

Now, when she’s not working, she spends all of her time painting spicy fantasy ladies for private clients and publishers.

You might be familiar with her work from the many comic covers she worked on or maybe from her social media and Patreon. Even though she is not working as a full-time artist, her output is huge and she keeps posting multiple artworks per week. Which is great, because that's the best way to fill an art book.


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