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Autore Collective
Editore Copublished by Spiridon Giannakis & Caurette
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 160 + 184 +184
Altezza (cm) 30
Larghezza (cm) 21.7
Spessore (cm) 2
Peso (kg) 3.386
Lingua no text
ISBN 2022PK001



This bundle includes: 

  • #hardcover1
  • #hardcover2
  • #hardcover3

About the books:

The aggressive rejection of any nude artwork (and specifically the female nipple) on social media has influenced artists to the extent that many now avoid working with nudity altogether. When their work is posted uncensored, the result is blocked profiles, deleted images, and platform bans, creating an industry stigma around the subject so that artists are now cautioned to avoid it entirely. #hardcover is taking a stand; publishing explicit artwork created by established professionals who believe in the freedom to explore our sexuality and humanity through art. Including artists like Kim Jung Gi, Sara Pichelli, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Daniela Uhlig, Belén Ortega, Even Mehl Amundsen, Gerald Parel and many many more, #hardcover delivers a singular experience.

More than 120 artists participated in the making of this project and most of them involved have not published any adult art prior to taking part in #hardcover, making this serie an exclusive window into their intimate thoughts. We wanted the artists to be free to create any content without boundaries.

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