Boris Vian - Les morts ont tous la même peau (FR)


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Les morts ont tous la même peau, by Boris Vian & adapted by Jean-David Morvan (French only)

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Technische Daten

Autor Boris Vian
Verleger Glénat
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 88
Höhe (cm) 29
Breite (cm) 21.5
Dicke (cm) 1.5
Gewicht (kg) 0.735
Sprache Français
Veröffentlichung 11/03/2020
ISBN 9782344020593

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« Between throwing and taking punches, I chose to throw them. »

Dan is half-blood. In other words, he is a white-skinned black man. He works as a bouncer in New York but only lives for his wife Sheila and their child. In a society that will only accept his son thanks to his white skin, Dan's origin is a heavy secret he has to keep for himself.

The day he meets and unexpectedly falls in love with a black prostitute, his brother Richard comes back into his life and threatens to reveal the truth. As his life suddenly falls apart, Dan, who's always wanted to be "just" white, finds himself questioning his identity.

Similar to Chandler and Hadley Case, Boris Vian, aka Vernon Sullivan, violently and erotically explores the inner madness of a man who doesn't recognize himself anymore.

More info (and a preview) available on the publisher's website: Les éditions Glénat!