Jean-David Morvan - Gerard Schaefer, Sex Beast (FR)


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Gerard Schaefer, Sex Beast, from the series "Stéphane Bourgoing présente les serial killers"

Adapted by Jean-David Morvan


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Autor Jean-David Morvan
Verleger Glénat
Seitenanzahl 144
Höhe (cm) 26.7
Breite (cm) 20.5
Dicke (cm) 1.7
Gewicht (kg) 0.694
Sprache French
Veröffentlichung 9782344039496
ISBN 9782344039496

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The worst monster is the one who ignores himself...

Gerard Schaefer is a man of many vices: scatophilia, zoophilia, sadism, manipulation... While being accused of murdering two teenagers in 1973, he claimed to have killed more than a hundred before coming around and claiming his innocence. The former police deputy who enjoys sharing his bloodiest and lewdest fantasies in his writings fantazises about being an advocate for the Good as well as the biggest women murderer in history. This book is all about the macabre and sick story of a historical serial killer who always took pleasure in hearing about the misteries surrounding his acts.

In 1991, serial killers specialist Stéphane Bourgoing met Gerard Schaefer in his Florida jail. Although he managed to organize a paedophilia network within the prison, the man seemed friendly and smiled, looking like a picture of innocence. The authors use Bourgoin's own interview of the killer to tell the journey of this terrible human being.

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