Gibrat - L'hiver en été


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L'hiver en été by Jean-Pierre Gibrat

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39,00 €

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Auteur Jean-Pierre Gibrat
Editeur Daniel Maghen
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 180
Hauteur 35
Largeur 26.5
Profondeur 2
Poids 1.5
Langue Français
Date de publication 18/04/2019
ISBN 9782356740564

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L'Hiver en été is the artbook dedicated to Jean-Pierre Gibrat's work of the last twenty years, in particular the series Le Sursis, Le Vol du corbeau and Mattéo.
Rare among comic book authors, Gibrat divides his time between his series and the illustrations they inspire. We can "read" his images in the continuity of his albums, whether we find his heroines in the middle of an exodus, among the refugees fleeing Paris or on the platform of a train station, returning to the capital after the German defeat. Throughout the book, in a long interview conducted by Rebecca Manzoni, Jean-Pierre reveals himself and shares with humor and sincerity his taste for history, female representation, his influences in drawing, literature, cinema, and his original career, from the first caricatures in the style of the Grandes Gueules to his latest albums, through the incredible richness of the Pilote years.

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