Noah - Faces Alive


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Noah - Faces Alive

The artistic series about the journey of life, its loneliness and struggles for uneasy souls.

Texts in english and chinese

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Author NOAH Kuang Hong
Publisher ArtPage
Binding Softcover
Number of pages 80
Height (cm) 35
Width (cm) 25
Thickness (cm) 1
Weight (kg) 0.8
Language Foreword in English & Chinese
Released date 10/2019
ISBN 9789993772347

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Discover the chinese artist Kuang Hong Noah. His life is inextricably linked with painting, from childhood, until he began his career as a CG practitioner (Computer Graphics artist) in 2000. The artbook Faces Alive introduces his career:

"It took him 9 years to make his way from a junior Children's book illustrator to become art director in one of the top international studios. He resigned from his fulltime job in 2010 and became a frealance artist. In 2011 returned to drawing on paper after many years; in 2012, he switched to easel painting and integrated material painting."

"His keen interest on art and philosophy never abate, as reflected by his continuous exploration of the relationship between individuals and society. Eventually he brought these experiences and insights to the canvas with a unique perspective and creative techniques, and this is the origin of his artistic series Faces Alive."

"Thanks to the fact that he has never been trained within the conventional art education system, he is able to maintain an open and unrestrained mind on creative exploration, and gradually developed an audacious artistic insight as well as a creative style like no others through continuous self-learning."

Here are some extracts from Kuang Hong's insights for Faces Alive, to complete the large format artbook :

In the paragraph "Being Isolated", he talks about the struggles of life and the loneliness he feels around him: "In this extravagant age of rapid development and lightening information exchange, it becomes increasingly difficult for isolated individuals to complete self-salvation in a circumstance where collective carnivals prevail.". That's why he created those intense vivid canvas : "In the Faces Alive series, I tried, repeatedly, to depict the uneasy souls of our era with rich colors and details."

"I always believe my characters are something very real during my creative process. [...] They are constantly feeling lonely, doubtful, delighted, miserable... they strive to explore the value and meaning o life in their pursuits of love and happines; they work hard to coordinate their own growth space and social obligations."

You can discover his other insights in the paragraph "Group Image" where he talks about his painting subjects and how he tried to "maintain a natural state of childlike mentality of 'playfulness' [...]".

"There are no restrictions on the style of painting and the type of media: reality can coexist with unreality, absurdity can be merged with reality; and complex colors, characters, styles can be peacefully combined in a limited-sized canvas [...]."

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