Petar Meseldžija - Magic Graphite


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Magic Graphite, a sketchbook by Petar Meseldžija.

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Autore Petar Meseldžija
Editore Dark Dragon Books
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 112
Altezza (cm) 31
Larghezza (cm) 23.5
Spessore (cm) 1.7
Peso (kg) 0.84
Lingua no text
Data di pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9789463732567


Petar Meseldžija (born 1965) is a Serbian comic book author. He decided to devote himself to illustration and painting, notably in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table for Grimm Press. He has won numerous awards.

From the introduction by Bill Carman: 

'While a painting can be likened to a symphony with its many parts and instruments, a sketch may be more like a solo—an instrument alone where every note stands more or less alone, unable to rely on the cover of many notes from many instruments. Petar Meseldžija’s mastery of those notes— line, mark, value—is evident in each short solo gifted to us here in these pages.'

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