Guillaume Singelin - Peaceful Meka (Art Print)


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Peaceful meka by Guillaume Singelin

TIME LIMITED SALE: from Friday, March 3rd  (6pm UTC+1) to Monday, March 6th (UTC+1)

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AutoreSINGELIN Guillaume
Numero di pagine1
Altezza (cm)60
Larghezza (cm)40
Peso (kg)0.150
Data di pubblicazione03/2022


A word on TALPs:

Time Limited Art Prints (TALP for short - we didn’t come up with the idea!) but let us explain how it works: instead of printing a fixed number of posters and then sell them in only a few minutes, we’ll put an art print on sale for a few days and then print however many were sold during said timeframe. That way, no need to stress out if you have a slow Internet connection or if you are not available in the minutes following the launch of the print. Everyone can get their hand on a copy!

From Geek-Art:

Geek-Art is proud to offer you a brand new art print in "time limited" editions, with another great French artist: Guillaume Singelin.

Major artist of the "Label 619" French comics team alongside other great names like Run, Mathieu Bablet, Florent Maudoux or Neyef (and many others!), Guillaume Singelin is a popular French illustrator and comic book artist. Through his various successes such as The Grocery or P.T.S.D. and his regular participation in the many collective works of Label 619 (such as Doggy Bags, Lowreader, Midnight Tales...), Guillaume Singelin has always been able to touch his readers, whether through his sensitivity or his keen sense of pop culture. Guillaume has always succeeded, even in his most "badass" works (the ultra-violent world of US gangs in The Grocery, horror and fantasy in Doggy Bags or Midnight Tales, sci-fi with P.T.S.D.), in instilling sensitivity and a sense of meaning.


Fervent admirer of his work for years, Geek-Art had the privilege, on several occasions, to collaborate with this accomplished and generous artist. It is therefore a great pleasure today to propose for sale this exceptional art print!


Peaceful Meka is the name of this visual that mixes the many universes of Guillaume's predilection. Between raw sci-fi and studio Ghibli, between robots fights and kawaii characters, rarely a visual of the artist will have expressed so much his inspirations and his passions!


Geek-Art is happy to offer you this visual for the very first time in limited edition. Available only on Liber Distri, the website of our partner Caurette Editions, "Peaceful Meka" will be available as a 40x60cm art print during 72 hours only. During these 72 hours, the print will be available to all visitors. Once this period is over, the sales will be definitively closed, and the prints numbered according to the sales of the weekend. It will never be available again after that!


"Peacefull Meka" comes from my interest in Japanese "Meka" culture, and especially from works like Patlabor. Through this illustration, I wanted to shift the warlike and sometimes urban notion of the genre, and transpose it to the exact opposite. Hence the creation of a bucolic, almost nostalgic scene, a moment of calm for this pilot in a small country town!"

- Guillaume Singelin



  • Peaceful Meka, par Guillaume Singelin
  • Giclee print
  • 40x60cm // 15,7 inches x 23,6 inches
  • 220g rough Canson paper
  • Time Limited Edition
  • Price: 40€
  • Shipped by Caurette Editions

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