Jean Giraud "Moebius" - Chasse au Major (Poster) Visualizza ingrandito

Jean Giraud "Moebius" - Chasse au Major (Poster)


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50 x 70 cm format.

Illustration by Jean Giraud, Moebius

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AutoreJean Giraud "Moebius"
EditoreMoebius Productions
Altezza (cm)70
Larghezza (cm)50
Data di pubblicazione2024


Out in the desert, the Major is chased by a peculiar giant rabbit... A surreal scene worthy of Moebius’ great imagination.

About Major's world:

Le Garage Hermétique came to birth thanks to an experiment lead in the magazine Métal Hurlant. In 1979, Moebius drew two plates of a short story called Le Garage de Jerry Cornelius, a name he borrowed to the universe of Michael Moorcock, a well known SF author.

Under the influence of Jean-Pierre Dionnet, co-founder of Métal Hurlant, Moebius experienced a feverish creative state, without any order, which will become a key event for the French comic book history. The result is an dreamlike maze, a sort of laboratory of ideas, without a beginning or an end. Le Garage Hermétique is an asteroid, a kind of artificial planet hosting several overlaid worlds. It was created by the Major Grubert, archetype of the explorer, crossing time and space thanks to inter-dimensionnal doorways, which is an idea found in Farmer or K.Dick novels.

From the "Malourde chantante" to the "Plasme volant", passing by "Peticock", the Faune de Mars' fantastic bestiary, drawn between 2006 and 2007 regroups hundreds of strange creatures inhabiting Mars in the future. Moebius let "his quill randomly draw in a dreamy state", guided by his fetish character, Major Grubert. Here, we can find what's most mysterious, fantastic and humorus within the Garage Hermétique.


More info on the publisher's website: Moebius Production.