500 Children Illustrations - Collective


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500 Children Illustrations - Collective

Collection of children illustration by more than a hundred international artists

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Autore Collective
Editore ArtPage
Rilegatura Softcover
Numero di pagine 296
Altezza (cm) 25.5
Larghezza (cm) 18.5
Spessore (cm) 2
Peso (kg) 0.92
Lingua Chinese
Data di pubblicazione 02/2019
ISBN 9787115497826


This book is a collection of over 500 children illustrations by more than a hundred artists from all walks of life. Children illustration is interpreted in many styles, allowing readers to discover and enjoy very different drawing techniques.

Whether in the hands of an aspiring children artist in search of inspiration or a children literature enthusiast, this book showcases all the best that this style has to offer.