The Art of Max Ulichney Vol.1


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The Art of Max Ulichney Vol. 1 is the first artbook by animation designer and art director, Max Ulchiney.

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Autore Max Ulchiney
Editore Max Ulchiney
Rilegatura Softcover
Altezza (cm) 29,7
Larghezza (cm) 21
Spessore (cm) 0,4
Peso (kg) 0,4
Lingua no text
Data di pubblicazione September 2019
ISBN 2020


About the book:

The Art of Max Ulichney Vol. 1 is packed with 96 pages of charming paintings, energetic character designs, and amusing cafe sketches, collected here for the first time and printed on beautiful satin paper and a velvety soft touch cover.

A word from the artist:

I’m an artist who wears many hats, literally and artistically. As an animation character designer, art director, and director, the majority of my career has been focused on CG supervision and production, skills which have fed back into my character design and illustration work in the form of fun, production-worthy characters, and scenes with bold cinematography at the forefront.

I also have been known to write articles for ImagineFX, 3dtotal, Firestarter Magazine, and more. On the horizon I’m looking forward to teaching workshops internationally.


If you want to see more of Max's work, you can check it out here: