ZHAO Enzhe - The Faramita of Galaxy


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The Faramita of Galaxy da ZHAO Enzhe

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Autore ZHAO Enzhe
Editore ArtPage
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 153
Altezza (cm) 29
Larghezza (cm) 21
Spessore (cm) 2
Peso (kg) 1.1
Lingua Chinese
Data di pubblicazione 2020
ISBN 9787115546005


This book is the painting album of the famous digital artist Zhao Enzhewhich includes two parts. The first part, in six chapters (Sunset Worlds, Chaos City, Donya Raku Universe, NW600 is born, Alien Strikes, Everything is one) is all about science fiction with illustrations telling human destiny, exploration of the universe and Chinese creation mythology, which is co-created by Zhao Enzhe and ArtPage. The second part contains the cover image and illustrates Zhao Enzhe painted for magazines and popular science fictions from home and abroad, which includes many works that have won awards or have been selected for famous design exhibitions.


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