Zao Dao - Le Souffle du vent dans les pins (FR)


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The young Zao Dao immerses us in an initiatory tale with her light and virtuoso way of telling a story.


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Autore Zao Dao
Editore Éditions Mosquito
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 117
Altezza (cm) 23
Larghezza (cm) 30
Spessore (cm) 1.5
Peso (kg) 0.785
Lingua Français
Data di pubblicazione 01/2016
ISBN 978-2-35283-302-4


"A great success! A sublime graphic part. "
Damien Canteau
(Comic Strip)

A Chinese initiation tale

To fall the masks, to learn to face the unknown, to overcome its anguishes and its demons, to become oneself... This is Yaya's hard path. It is the path of learning how to live. This is the first European book by a young and very talented Chinese graphic designer, Zao Dao, who has managed to combine the Chinese pictorial tradition with the modernity of comics.

The young Yaya leaves his village to brave the storms and fight the wild beasts in the service of a terrible demon: Rakshasa, the cannibal woman.
With the help of the fairy of the Juiling Mountains, he learns about the mysteries of nature and how to read the wind, which is very useful to fight, with the help of the leaping Dugu, the demons and ghosts that serve Rakshasa.