Wayne Barlowe - Psychopomp


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Autore Wayne Barlowe
Editore ArtPage
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 280
Altezza (cm) 29
Larghezza (cm) 26.5
Spessore (cm) 3
Peso (kg) 1.95
Lingua English & Chinese
Data di pubblicazione 2021
ISBN 9789993772354


Psychopomp is the result of 30 years of art created by Wayne Barlowe

Inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost, Wayne Barlowe spent 30 years building his own underworld, his book 
includes more than 100 illustrations and 150 character designs, sketches, and countless daily notes of his creation. Many pieces have never before been published.

Well known (and very much appreciated) by the cinematic universe, he participated to numerous projects such as: Avatar, Pacific Rim, the Harry Potter series, the Hellboy series, Blade III, and Galaxy Quest.

“Barlowe’s Inferno is an awesome visual work, taking us into a contorted landscape of the damned which Dante himself could never have imagined.”

– James Cameron

"Wayne Barlowe conjures the Inferno with Boschian particularity. This is a unique volume by an extraordinary artist."

– Clive Baker

"Wayne Barlowe's Inferno is a dangerous book. Human nightmares rear out of scale in this sulphurous landscape. Here every breath burns your insides and light flickers in perpetual agony. The Beast has found an architect."

– Guillermo Del Toro

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You can find Wayne Barlowe on:

More info about Art Page and Psychopomp on their Facebook page!

An interview of Wayne Barlowe by Pop Culture is available on Youtube:

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