Jean-David Morvan - Edmund Kemper, l'ogre de Santa Cruz (FR)


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Edmund Kemper, l'ogre de Santa Cruz, from the "Stéphane Bourgoing présente les serial killers" series

Adapted by Jean-David Morvan


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Autore Jean-David Morvan
Editore Glénat
Numero di pagine 144
Altezza (cm) 26.7
Larghezza (cm) 20.5
Spessore (cm) 1.7
Peso (kg) 0.694
Lingua French
Data di pubblicazione 27/01/2021
ISBN 9782344039533


Just as charismatic as cruel.

Recently put in the spotlight by the Mindhunter series, Ed Kemper was one of the most dreaded serial killers in the US. Now imprisoned for life, he was diagnosed as a dangerous psychopath after having perpetrated multiple crimes in the 70's, each one more gruesome than the last. Credited with 10 murders, including the ones of his mother and grandparents. Born on the 18th December 1948 wheighing 13 pounds, the newborn grew into a man who measures 6.7 feet and wheighed 350 pounds. His spectacular figure is what got him the nickname "The Mad Titan". As a child, Ed Kemper "had fun" mutilating his sister's dolls and mistreating pets. He later started his killings by murdering his own grand-mother with a rifle at 15, before being diagnosed as a paranoid schyzophrenic.

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