Zao Dao - Cuisine chinoise


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The young prodigy Zao Dao stages daily Chinese life in Cuisine chinoise.


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Auteur DAO Zao
Editeur Mosquito
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 80
Hauteur 30
Largeur 23
Profondeur 1.3
Poids 690
Langue French
Date de publication 04/2018
ISBN 9782352834519


The young prodigy Zao Dao stages daily Chinese life around the institution of gastronomy in China. With humour and lightness, she describes the special relationship between the Chinese and food. Through 5 stories, she transports us from banquets to restaurants, from parties to inns.

Insect ghosts
Two funny little spirits are looking for ghosts to eat. They go to a birthday party at the Zhu's where the family's parade to shower the ancestor with gifts takes a most unexpected turn...

A young boy spends his nerves on every insect he can get his hands on.

Hai Zi
Yuzi's grandfather is getting old. He can no longer run his restaurant properly and customers are becoming rare.
Yet Yuzi is passionate about cooking, he likes good products and often innovates, but his dishes are not appreciated. The young man becomes bitter and aggressive, convinced that one day the whole world will rush to taste his cooking. One day two strange visitors enter his restaurant...

Immortal Breath
A curious pastry can only be made by an old woman, because it must contain the breath of an immortal. But it is said that sometimes strange things can be found inside...

A-Tchou and A-Yi
A little monkey finds a pot that he thinks is full of food. No sooner does he open it than a black demon comes out to devour him!


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