Antoine Ozaman & Pedro Rodriguez - YAGA

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Comic book YAGA published by Spaceman Project.

This comic is available in FrenchItalian and English.

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(This project was a crowdfunding of the Spaceman Project!)

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18,00 €

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Auteur Jonatan Cantero/Josep Busquet
Editeur Spaceman Project
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 80
Hauteur 32.5
Largeur 24.6
Profondeur 1.3
Poids 0.875
Langue Italiano
Date de publication 2020
ISBN 9788417253738



Svetlana was only a child that when the tsar’s soldiers came blasting through her village, mostly made of Jewish people. By miracle, she and her friend Kalinka fled from the massacre and stumbled upon the forbidden woods, subject of speculations and superstitions. After wandering about for several days, Svetlana and Kalinka find shelter with Baba, an elderly woman cut off from the rest of the world. For a very brief moment, the two girls think that they are safe as old Baba makes them happy and joyful again. She teaches them about the use of plants, for good or evil, on top of other important ways to live as a woman alone against the world…

"Since the beginning of times, all children have heard tales of the terrible Baba Yaga. The legendary Russian witch who walks around with a magic cauldron. It is said that she is the incarnation of evil, that she’s a disciple of Satan…but none of us are born evil. This is the story of a girl abandoned to her luck, who will have to turn into a monster who crept up on children in the eternal stories of Baba Yaga."