Jaouen SALAUN - Dreambook


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Jaouen SALAUN - Dreambook

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Autore Jaouen Salaun
Editore Caurette
Rilegatura Hardcover
Numero di pagine 684
Altezza (cm) 29.7
Larghezza (cm) 21
Spessore (cm) 4.5
Peso (kg) 3,2
Lingua no text
Data di pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9791096315260


In addition to his comic strips books, Jaouen Salaun illustrates his dreams, his thoughts, pieces of what his brain produces when it's left loose. The result: dreamlike drawings, in turn poetic, scary, sensual or ... weird!

Organized in six chapters (Dreamlike, Mystical, Mythological, Retro, Medieval, Science Fiction), this incredible sketchbook transports the reader to worlds that will not leave him unscathed.