Nothin' Personal - Just Business

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Nothin' Personal by Josep Busquet & Andre.

(This project was crowdfunded through the Spaceman Project. If you want to know more about it, click here!)

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Auteur Busquet + Andre
Editeur Spaceman Project
Reliure Couverture Souple
Nombre de pages 160
Hauteur 27
Largeur 19
Date de publication 2018


The S.A.D (Search and Destroy) is not an ordinary mercenary group, it’s a little family that works in what they know best: fighting in small skirmishes or huge battlefields, doing rescue missions, invading planets or hunting fugitives down.

Unlike other famous mercenary groups like the Nulk Corporation, the S.A.D is formed by very few members, but nevertheless their reputation gives them all of the jobs they need. They don’t fight for glory and they never take sides, they consider it only a job, and they avoid anything personal. They always fulfill an assignment and another of their mottos is “never work for free”.