Iain McCaig - Poster - "CALLER OF THE UNTAMED" - (numbered and signed) Visualizza ingrandito

Iain McCaig - Poster - "CALLER OF THE UNTAMED" - (numbered and signed)


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Iain McCaig's stunning poster, Caller of the Untamed, 30x40 cm (11.8x15.7 inches), printed on beautiful matte paper. A high quality giclée print, numbered and  signed by the artist!

A sensual, strong and powerful illustration! Tigers in all poses surround their mistress.

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AutoreIain McCaig
EditoreEditions Caurette
Altezza (cm)40
Larghezza (cm)30
Peso (kg).26
Data di pubblicazioneMarch 2024


About the print

A sensual, strong and powerful image! Tigers surround their mistress with fierce, glinting eyes, impending growls loom, rippling muscles are tensed, while the intriguing central figure, fixes her gaze, compelling and commanding. 

This striking poster begs two questions: Who is the untamed? and just who is being watched, us or them?

For those of you who are keen of the game Magic: The Gathering, you will recognize this stunning rendering as a game card!

Iain McCaig's Caller of the Untamed 30x40 cm (11.8x15.7 inches) printed on beautiful matte paper, ready for framing! 

Editions Caurette participated in the March, 2024 IAMAG Master Classes event in Paris at Les Halles, and after one of his presentations, Iain McCaig  signed each limited edition poster, a high quality giclée print! Thank you, Iain! 

About the artist

Iain McCaig is a multi-talented artist whose work explores storytelling in many different forms: in paintings, illustration, animation, films, interactive games, and screenplays. Primarily known for his work as a concept designer, Iain McCaig also is an illustrator, a writer, a director, and a teacher. A multifaceted talent, his true passion is that of a storyteller: McCaig is an artist whose life has long been dedicated to storytelling, using a wide range of media to evoke magical tales, mythic visions, and dreams.

Iain has worked for Industrial Light and Magic since 1989 on various feature films as a: designer, art director, storyboard artist and animator. He was a principal designer for the Star Wars Prequels, designing characters, creatures and costumes in his bustling studio at Skywalker Ranch.
He is the founder of Dananxi Studios, a production company dedicated to bringing magical stories to the screen. His film, The Face, opened at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in March 1998 and won the Gold Medal for Best Family Film at the Houston Film Festival; and is a partner in Ninth Ray Studios.
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