101 Great Illustrators from the Golden Age 1890-1925


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101 Great Illustrators from the Golden Age, 1890-1925 by Jeff A. Menges

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Autor Jeff A. Menges
Verleger Dover Publications
Bindung Softcover
Seitenanzahl 255
Höhe (cm) 27,9
Breite (cm) 21
Dicke (cm) 2,1
Gewicht (kg) 1,294
Sprache Anglais
Veröffentlichung 2016
ISBN 978-04-86430-81-2

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"Author Jeff A. Menges has done a superb job of choosing a fantastic array of artists, providing representative and dazzling examples of their work and presenting them with succinct, erudite commentary that introduces you to each artist and puts them in the context of their time."

— Lines and Color

The most comprehensive book of its kind, this gorgeous edition presents more than 600 works, over 350 in full color, by famous and lesser-known artists from the heyday of book and magazine illustration. Featured artists include Walter Crane, Edmund Dulab, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, Arthur Rackham, N. C. Wyeth, and many others — 101 in all. Several examples of each artist's finest illustrations are accompanied by biographical comments and career notes.

Additional artists include Victorian-era illustrator Aubrey Beardsley, noted for his compelling combinations of the erotic and grotesque; American painter Harvey Dunn, one of Howard Pyle's most accomplished students; James Montgomery Flagg, famed for his U.S. Army recruitment posters; Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the iconic Gibson Girl; Charles R. Knight, a pioneer in the depiction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures; Edward Penfield, the king of poster art; Frederic Remington, whose works document the Old West; J. Allen St. John, the principal illustrator of Edgar Rice Burroughs's adventure tales; and dozens of others.

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