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Damara Canal Street Kong Crew Print


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Black and white Kong Crew Print by Éric Hérenguel, numbered and signed by the artist!

42 cmx89.5 cm (16.5x35.2 inches)

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Technische Daten

AutorÉric Hérenguel
VerlegerCaurette Editions
Höhe (cm)89.5
Breite (cm)42

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About the print

Long, lean and dynamic! This dramatic poster echoes the energy of our favourite The Kong Crew heroine, Damara!  

About the book series:

It is 1947, fourteen years after the victory of Kong over the US military. Manhattan Island has been evacuated and is now a no-go zone. These are the adventures of the pilots of the elite squadron tasked with watching over Kong's new domain, where, rumour has it, strange things have started happening...  
Éric Hérenguel pays homage to the American artists from the golden age of comics that inspired him when he was a kid. The Kong Crew has been translated into six languages and enjoys a growing international fanbase.

About the artist:

Born in France in 1966, Éric Hérenguel is a comic book artist well known to European audiences. The creator of several comic book series, he is equally at home with science fiction and westerns, steampunk, offbeat humour and heroic fantasy. He has also worked on several animated series for children.

Find Eric here: Facebook / Instagram

For more information about The Kong Crew, visit the publisher's website.

Click below for a brief introduction to The Kong Crew! (in French)

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