Petzi Alpiniste (FR)


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Petzi and his friends go on a trip to find the highest mountain in the world…

And they will live a lot of adventures together before they find it!


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Technische Daten

Autor Capezzone Thierry - Per Sanderhage -Hansen
Verleger Editions Caurette
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 40
Höhe (cm) 27
Breite (cm) 20
Dicke (cm) 1,5
Gewicht (kg) 0,5
Sprache Français
Veröffentlichung October 2021
ISBN 979-10-96315-72-7

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Petzi was created in Denmark 1951 by Vilhelm and Carla Hansen. Popular right across Europe, his adventures were published first by Casterman, then Place du Sablon. Translated into more than 10 languages, the series is known as Barnaby Bear in Great Britain.

Éditions Caurette are relaunching the Petzi series with the new editions illustrated by French author based in Denmark, Thierry Capezzone, as well as the originals at a rate of 3 albums per year (1 new and 2 re-editions), in a format in line with previous releases.

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