Oriental Fantasy


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Oriental Fantasy - Collective

Collection of digital illustrations on the theme of oriental fantasy

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Autor Collective
Verleger ArtPage
Bindung Softcover
Seitenanzahl 272
Höhe (cm) 25.5
Breite (cm) 18.5
Dicke (cm) 2
Gewicht (kg) 1
Sprache Chinese
Veröffentlichung 08/2020
ISBN 9787115540461

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This book is a collection of oriental-fantasy-inspired digital illustrations by over a hundred artists, including Zeen Chin. Oriental Fantasy is interpreted in many styles, like Chinese, Korean and bidimentional style, well known in digital art.

Whether in the hands of an aspiring digital artist in search of models or an oriental fantasy enthusiast, this book showcases all the best that oriental fantasy has to offer.

This softcover book comes with a dust jacket.