Noah - Book Set "The Art of Noah"


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The Art of Noah - Kuang Hong Noah

Two books: Character & Concept et Illustration & Concept

The first orders will get an exclusive box!


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Technische Daten

Autor NOAH Kuang Hong
Verleger ArtPage
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 172 + 164
Höhe (cm) 31
Breite (cm) 22
Dicke (cm) 5
Gewicht (kg) 1,1 + 1,1
Sprache Chinese
Veröffentlichung 2016
ISBN 9787551611428

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Painter since his childhood, Kuang Hong Noah began his career as a computer graphic designer (CG) in 2000. In the book Faces Alive, the eponymous name of his series of paintings on canvas, he explains that in nine years he went "from being a junior illustrator of children's books to an art director in one of the biggest international studios". He then resigned to pursue his passion on canvas.

In this set, we can find his work as a CG, Computer Graphics artist. This collection is divided into two artbooks: "Character & Concept" and "Illustration & Concept". The volumes are identical, and complement each other to form a beautiful duo. The first orders will have an exclusive box, adapted to contain the two artbooks (31x22x5cm).

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