Wenjun Lin - Ghost


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Wenjun Lin - Ghost

Artbook with its folding fresco in book form, in its soft case

Texts in chinese

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49,00 €

Technische Daten

Autor Wenjun Lin
Verleger ArtPage
Bindung Hardcover
Seitenanzahl 192
Höhe (cm) 26
Breite (cm) 22
Dicke (cm) 3.8
Gewicht (kg) 1.55
Sprache Chinese
Veröffentlichung 04/2019
ISBN 9787520806619

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Discover the dreamlike universe of the Ghost artbook, composed with the works of the artist Wenjun Lin.

The world of the invisible, a breath held in time, the confidentiality of the exploration in the empty space... Find there the eternal souls of the disappeared warriors, the lost landscapes, its few travelers, the meetings in these fairy worlds of its fabulous and unsuspected inhabitants.

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