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Tote bag Benjamin LACOMBE 'Curiosities'


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Tote bag Curiosities Benjamin Lacombe

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25,00 €

Technische Daten

Auteur Benjamin Lacombe
Editeur Daniel Maghen
Hauteur 40.5
Largeur 36.5
Poids 0.09
Date de publication 2021

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Have you been dreaming of a Benjamin Lacombe tote bag for years? Well, we have the perfect bag!

With a different pattern on each side, the beautiful illustrations of Benjamin Lacombe will accompany you everywhere :)


  • Size : 36.5 x 40.5cm
  • Fabric : Cotton
  • Large handles

More information on the website of the Maghen Gallery, which is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to Benjamin Lacombe.

Find Benjamin Lacombe on his website, Instagram and Facebook.

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